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My favorite June monthly collectible is Angelic Lace (June 2009). It has many beautiful uses and I could see myself buying that in the future to craft a dream avatar.
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My all time favorite is a toss-up between the Western Zodiac, because of all the different poses (if that's the right word), and the Bone Dragon Helm, for its somewhat macabre cuteness.
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Both of the MC's are neat, but as for Red Wing, I'm just not a big fan of wings.

That being said, I personally really like the June MC, Celestial Veil. I think the combination of white and gold makes it very regal. Looking through the item, it just seems very delicate and wonderful for any regal costume I decided to make, whether it maintain Asian influence, princess, fairy or a form of hero.

When I'm not using my avatar as a cosplay, gold and white regal costume, icy costume or red and black assassin costume items are my favorite to use.
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My favorite June Item was 2007 the "Cloud"
Even though it was the first time you gave out an option of 3 items in one. This did not phase me, i knew exactly that it was my favorite right then and there because it sparked an idea in my head for an avatar design that lead to a huge project in creating my very own OC and hopefully someday i will complete this with a customized profile to show it all. It was the catalysis to my future hopes and dreams of building who my personal gaian would turn out to be. which lead me to start digging and planning out designs from all items i could find.

Thank you for such a simple marvelous piece of pixels.
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I love the June 2007: Cloud, it's so beautiful, and it reminds me of when I was little and use to look up at the sky and find things in the clouds, and when anything was possible.
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June 2003: The Angelic Halo

In my opinion the Angelic Halo along with the rest of the Angelic Set has made in a way an impact on Gaia. Not only has it set a standard in its simple beauty but it's also one of those highly coveted items. Gaia has had many unique items but in my Opinion the Angelic set has been one of the best. I vote for the Angelic Halo as the best June MC. IT'S SO PRETTY!

blaugh heart
          Celestial Veil, for sure! And if you can't tell why, go ahead and look at my avatar d: But I've always loved the simple, elegant attire that Gaia had to offer. I also love the divine/heavenly look, so Angelic Lace is a close second in my favorite June MC!
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Id have to say my top favorite is june 2003 the golden halo . the only reason i like it is ebcause the history of it and its... well its a golden halo its original angels ahve golden halos and im going to heaven so i like it smile
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My favorite all time June collectible would have to be Horns of the Demon, from 2004. When I first joined Gaia, this was one of the few items I felt I needed to have. I really wanted the Horns and I was bound and determined to get them. I originally joined in 2007, but I ended up losing that account when I was scammed as a newbie. When I created another account, I knew it was time to finally get serious about my quest. It took me over a year to earn enough gold to buy those Horns, but I was so happy when I bought them. It was my first completed quest and the one that I will always remember. I still cherish them, and never have considered selling them; even though they're worth much more that 2mil that I originally bought them for. That's what makes the Horns of the Demon my favorite June collectible of all time.
My favourite, eh? The Red Wings...cuz I don't know any other June MC! u.u (At least I am sincere! XD)
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June 2007 was the best in my opinion. I love the different clouds, but the rain cloud always makes me giggle.
Mine would have to be the angelic halo, because to be honest, it is one of the cutest things created :3
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hmm... my favorite MC would be a hard pick. theres many that are just so awesome. i guess of all i love Ascended Demon the most. Alruna's Rose is an item i just love to death and to have like a "pure" version of the gaia succumbus/incubus just blew my mind, i went crazy and had to have like 5 of them. it was the best thought out MC in my opinion of all time! 3nodding
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What’s your all time favorite June Monthly Collectible and why!
The Dark Halo because there are so many different outfits I could make with it.
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I wouldn't know because I haven't opened it and plan to keep this and for at least a year sell it in the market for more :3 very smart idea don't you think?

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