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My favorite is the elusive June 2003 Angelic Halo! It started the collectibles off and it has made thousands of gaians strive to make gold in order to one day happen upon it in the marketplace. If not for the evidence that it does exist, it would be stuff of legends. Those that do own it leave other gaians in awe and there will be no other collectible that could top it no matter how awesome they seem to be getting every year!

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I've got loads of favs. However the Ascended Demon & Nogitsune Jan '11 item is my fav. Its got both the heavenly look and evil look with the mast and black / red tones and the white whip and tail. Good for either way you decide to make your avatar if you're into the good vs evil theme.
It would have to be the...
Because to me, it was incredibly simple looking, yet so pretty biggrin
June 2007, the Western Zodiac, and was one of my all time favorites for its unique designs for each constellation.
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mine is red wing i got it loved it than gave it away to my bff sad it lokked so cute on my girl i sad crying but some one eles look gud xp xp xp xp xp
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red wing my fav <3 smile
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Dark Halo

Cos i love all the halos
What's my all time favorite June Monthly Collectible and why?

It's a bit difficult to decide, but I would say the Western Zodiac. It had so many new and awesome things when I got it. There was lots to play around with and while it was all related, it wasn't all part of a single planned out outfit that you needed seven of the item go get. Each and every way to equip the Western Zodiac was easily compliment-able with an array of other items on Gaia that could be easily bought from anywhere, not just the more expensive things.
June 2009's Demonic Armor! It looks good and it gives the sense that you are not someone to trust very well! It gave me the sense that I should be afraid of my own power as well..All in all it was my favoite 3nodding
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Dark Halo

What isn't awesome about the eye of the demon pose?
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I've really gotta say this month's Celestial Veil. It's one of my favorite color combos (whites & gold) It's transparency on some of the poses is just fantastic, especially with the hair piece pose. It really looks like there's a few layers of the veil arranged on top of each other. It's poses are diverse while still uniform, and diverse in size. There are more subtle poses or the large and bold veil pose. My favorite thing about it though are the cut out stars in the veil pose (the transparent ones that aren't gold.) That's just the sort of detailing that makes the Celestial Veil standout. 3nodding
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My favourite monthly collectable would have to be June 2006's Dark Halo

I like this for many reasons, First of all being that it has an unbelieveble gold sink which means the value of the item is always on the rise, this in effect makes it agreat investment. However at the same time as investing in it for a profit it wont be hiding away in your inventory while raising value, it would almost certainly be equipped to your avatar as you can get heaps of enjoyment out of it while you watch its value rise on the charts as it can suit almost any gaian with its unique and classy style. To be honest it looks amazing, its got a demonic look with that spark of originality which for me is a winner, and as its been around for so long its strongly recognised as a symbol of success on Gaia Online. Its become almost like Gucci or Prada in the real world, which can lead to many people buying one just to make a statement to show their wealth.

I would rate this collectible 5 stars as its got the full package and for me its a definate winner.
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my faveorite june MC is red wing because it just looks completely epic. still would be awesome if u could get old MC's though... ninja
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I think my favorite would have to be the Celestial Veil.

I like this because it has a sence of elegance yet its not too sudden. you know?
Ooh, I'd have to say the Angelic Lace from June '09. It's ever so dainty and can go great with other angelic type clothes or can clash nicely with more devilish ones. whee

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