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Ugh, such a hard decision.
I would have to say that the Angelic Pendant is my favorite June collectible. It's simple and shiny. And who doesn't love a classic?
Though the angelic lace and the celestial veil come in as close seconds. I guess I have a thing for pretty, shiny things.
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My all time favorite June MC would have to be the Angelic Lace item. I love that one because I've been able to use it to complete so many different outfits I've had in the past. Its an all around type of item for me because I usually go with lighter themed avatars and it works for them. I love the angelic items in general and this was one that I could 1. Afford and 2. would do more than just one thing for my avatar. That's why its my all time favorite for June.
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My favorite monthly collectible would have to be Horns of The Demon because its demonic and you can use it in multiple avis, especially that you have the small and large horns makes it special.
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I would have to say my favorite is the angelic pendant. It's elegant, shiny, and just all-around looks good. <3
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I like angelic lace - it's a nice color. And it's all lacy and stuff. biggrin
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my favorite monthly collectable is the jan 2k11 cause it represents the power of the fox. and jan is a greatmonth
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my favorite is the red wing because the sword is really cool
I would have to say the Dark Halo as it can be an accent to existing outfits or via some of the poses was able to be the focus for new designs or alterations to existing ones. It was highly versatile and is one I still use on occasion.
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This one , Cause your giving it away!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My favorite June collectible?

It's a tie between Angelic Lace and Radiant Prism.
However, the Prism wins it.

The colors and pixelation is just wonderfully done and can be used in ways beyond compare.
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Dark Halo because its the only item I will buy more than once when I make dark avis.
Looking through the past MC's in the Museum, I would have to say my favourite June MI is the Serpentine Priestess. The orange that is used is just so vibrant and I love the pose that features the snake wrapped around the avatars neck. The hair that comes with this item is just wild as well. xd Very different and unique.

The Red Wing is a close second though. Another MI with gorgeous, bright colour. : )
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

This is between the three June 2007 MCs (Mythrill Halo, Western Zodiac, and Cloud) just because they were purchased a couple of days after I had joined and were my first three MCs. I cannot decide between the three of them; they are all special to me. emo

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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My favourite June collectible is June 2007 collectible Western Zodiac,

Reason for this is the many poses with versatile usage on different outfits and numerous combinations.
My favorite June MC is most definitely the Cloud, from June 2011.
User Image

~ I love it because it was the very first June MC I bought, and the first one I bought ever. I was new to Gaia, and the cloud just hooked me to this site. It is such a great item because it goes with virtually everything, and it just adds the touch of fluffiness that every avatar needs. I bought 5 clouds when I had first seen it. I also believe it is such a useful and beautiful item. It really makes you feel like your soaring among the clouds. I had quit for a brief time, and I made sure to always keep that one item. :] I think it works with so much, and it helps present the avatars mood and really help other users understand it. :]

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