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My favorite monthly collectable is the red wing because they have that unique edge everyone likes! They are truely worth every penny! biggrin
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It has to be the Dark Halo. 2006 was the first year that I actually started donating (sending in $5 through the mail, yeah~) and it really is an item that I like to wear.heart~<3
In my opinion June 2007 was my favourite, always has been with the Western Zodiac, Clouds, and the Silver Halo :> I like this june the best : )
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Probably Radiant Prism - lots of different possibilities for outfits. I'm wearing one right now, in fact!
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The Radiant Prism. It has some pretty pieces that fit a variety of different themes. I have used mine plenty of times.
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Serpentine Priestess! The Hair, I luv changing my hair.
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My favorite MC is June 06 G Blade
I'm fan of Kingdom Hearts and that item looks awesome, actually is one of my wishlist items, I hope get that one soon biggrin
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My favorite June MC (even though I have never own a MC in my life) is the cloud because of the pretty colors of the rainbow and the sparkles. And when you are in a down mood you can put on the dark cloud! xp
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Well, My all time favorite would have to be the Cloud (June 2007). Because you can wear it so many ways, as an actual cloud, a fart (Lol) or even a rainbow~ and maybe if your upset a rain cloud~ some soft slippers perhaps?? (XD) this is by far the best, no wonder it's so expensive on the marketplace~!
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My favorite June MC would have to be the G Blade from 2006.

There have been plenty of technically better ones, but being a die-hard Kingdom Hearts fan, I flipped out when the G Blade was released - especially so considering KH2 was released just a few months prior and I was on an extreme high that whole year from that one game. It was my absolute favorite item for a long time. June also happens to be the month of my birthday, so my friends bought me two Thank You letters as gifts c:

And while fandom-replica items like the ninja headband had been previously released, I consider the G Blade to be the real starting point of Gaia's future expansion of releasing cosplay items, which was also very exciting to think about at the time. Premium items based, loosely or no, on video games and anime and the like continue to be some of my favorites.
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My favorite is the June 2010: Serpentine Priestess,

It is my favorite because not only did it come out on the 15th, but that is day of my birthday and it was my first present I got from one of my friends upon Gaia.

But it was not just the fact that it was a gift. It was the fact that it was the day I became a legal adult at the age of 18 and had such an amazing and cool item come out. And that Gaia help make my eighteenth birthday an excitable moment in my life to have not only friends in the state that I live in, but it help show me that even friends on gaia still care deeply for me. Even though they may be in other states or countries for that matter.

My favorite part about that June MC is the tattoo. I love the snake tattoo and the colors that it had. The tattoo when I was making my tribal avatars really helped me bring in the culture of the avatar that I was trying to create. The tattoo from the June 2010 MC made my creating of avatar and finding the right touch much easier.

Finally,though others value it cheaply in the market. I value it worth more than that...because it was an item that had a monumental moment in my live. And that MC showed me how Gaia can always give you that extra friend, fun, and excitement in life.
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i want those red wings coz i wanted to complete my dream avi
My favorite June MC is the Red Wing because it's pretty and red! ^.^
my favorite June MC Is The Red Wings, It Makes You Look Really Cool And The Wings Are Awesome Looking, I Love MC's And Hope You Will Pick My Post heart
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mine is red wings because i can actually see my self using them so that is what i choose

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