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my favorite June MC is 2008's Black Ops Gear because it reminds me of Snake (a character from metal gear). Snake wears a black headband and uses a cardboard box for stealth just like the item Black Ops Gear XD
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My favorite June MC is Celestial Veil, is so gorgeous and elegant.
My all time favorite June Monthly Collectible is June 2004's Angelic Pendant. I fell in deep love with this June MC the moment I saw it and it driven me to become who I am today. Soon I plan to develop a charity due to my driven pursuit for this lovely object and help those who have even greater struggle than I have had.
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Honestly, I'd have to go for the Halo's. Especially the dark one. I love the thought of having something that is usually associated with angels and stuff have a darker side with characteristics of demons; the tails, claws, etc. Plus it really appeals to my darker streak. I can imagine fallen angels looking something like that
My favorite's the Horns of the Demon. It just looks really sinister and awesome. I enjoy using dark themes, and that fits perfectly. <3
My favorite June collectible is the Radiant Prism. It's just a beautiful item and I absolutely love the Prism Aura use for it.
my fav was the coco plushies cuz they r sp cute and kool
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My favorite June MC is the Radiant Prism I already posted one reason why my second reason would be that i like pairing black with with 1 specific color like black and blue, because using more colors make a lot of outfits bad to me, however radiant prism uses a lot of colors and still looks great with black(at least in my opinion).

            i haven't been here very long
            but all of gaia's monthly
            collectibles are so pretty < 3
            my favorite for june has to be
            Cloud ! it 's such a
            cute item and fluffy < 3 i
            have a pair of slippers just
            like Cloud's and i wear them
            every day. i hope to get it
            someday. > u <

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I would have to say, my favorite one is the Red Wing. The fact that it can be a sword or a pretty sweet set of wings is awesome.

Horns of the Demon fersure
I've been drooling over them for oooohhhh
about 6 years now

Maybe I'll have them in another 6 years sad


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There are so many monthly collectibles I love - from the Radiant Prism to the Western Zodiac - and the the ideas never seem to run out, especially with this month's. Despite my contradictions, the G Blade would have to my favorite simply because whenever I see it I'm always reminded of Kingdom Hearts - those kinds of games always made me cry~!
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I think my favourites have been from June 2007, 2009, and 2011. Although my all time favourite so far as been June 2011, because I just adore the Celestial Veil. It goes the best with most of my items, and the different poses you can do with it are really nice to combine with other outfits. ^_^
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Oh boy, another one of these...
Anyway, my favorite MC from June would definitely be the Radiant Prism, just because it was one of my first MC's I ever bought. That item stored so many memories with me on my developing avatar, from when I was just a noob and had a costume worth barely under 50,000 gold, to just recently when I sold it in a desperate effort to recover gold from buying Pirate Anchor. To me, I liked the item as if it were my own companion, and I've moved on into more monochrome costumes, so I kinda miss having such an item that brought not only one color into my inventory, but a variety.
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o_O I vote for the Serpentine Princess Priestess of 2010. Born in the year of the snake, gotta support my sign's character goods. cool

All of the June MC's look pretty cool though, hard to choose just one~

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