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"I actually like Black Ops Gear ( 2008 ) and Celestial Veil ( 2011 ).

Black Ops because of the Metal Gear Solid references (:

Celestial Veil because it's just so pretty!
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I really liked the bone dragon helm becuase it's a really nicely done item, and there a a few different poses, and I haven't seen another item like it before. I don't have one but it's on my wishlist =)
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My all time fav june monthly collectible would be the Bone Dragon Helm,cause its makes you look like cubone! whee
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I like the Red Wing because i think i could make that item look good in alot of outfits i want to try it out 3nodding
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Celestial Veil because....
It's just so graceful and it just gives me a feeling of freedom that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside ;3
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                      nerdy.strange.friendly.loud.nutty.bubbly.xxx Lainey
                      ________________my samples.xxxmy profile.xxxmy tunes.

                      Celestial Veil (June 2011)
                      I love this one because it is very simple but
                      elegant at the same time.
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My favorite June MC is the Cloud. The name sounds pretty and makes you think of bubbles and rainbows and soft, happy feelings. The items in it are very pretty and its quite popular. The whole item is wonderful and i dont think i will ever find something aa fluffy and soft in real life than the cloud. heart
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I liked the red wings. Not only because it's my first collectable I've seen. But because how many wings do you see that turns into a SWORD? REALLY! THAT IZ AWESOME!
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my favorite june mc is the angelic lace from 2009, its really pretty and i like it, and speaking from a fashion designer perspective, I can appreciate the creativity and work that went into making it... even though it's not a physical object. smile
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I'd have to say my favorite June MC is the Angelic Lace. It's very well designed and I think it's beautiful. The shoes are my favorite, as is the bodice and knee socks.
It would be the red wings since I adore wings and I love the color red
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My favorite MC was the Angelic Lace.

I really like the nighty that is has, and the heels are one of the few items that don't make the avi's feet look like clubs or bound! smile
I love the June 2008 Radiant Prism! It is so pure and colorful.
I like the red wings MC because it looks very cool and I have some red stuff that would look cool with and I would also like to see if it would look cool with my other clothes.

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