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My all time favorite June Collectable was June 2008: Radiant Prism because i loved the ball and everything about it! the colors were great and everything went together in a very nice way smile For this years june collectable i have to say (i dont care if im the only one who likes it) Is the Celestial Veil because ive always been a fan of the veils on gaia and i think this one was cute, i mean the other item was cool too, but in my opinion i liked the veil better! :3

-I Rawr Emo Muffins
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I would say that my favourite june collectible is probably the radiant prism of 2008 because it's just so pretty 3nodding I really like the halo you get on it and the strange hovering mirror light thingies are pretty cool too. Also the artwork for it is awesome biggrin .
I love the Radiant Prism item!(June 200 cool Its just bright and colorful and cheery...i think it would look great with my avi, which is why im currently saving up for it! 3nodding
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ninja its like the red wing becauase its cool... biggrin
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June 2006. Dark Halo. It's my favorite because I like the body suit thing. It looks really awesome and I like dark things so it fits my style.
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Well for June MC I would choose the red wings because they are very feirce looking in a way you could say. biggrin
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I like the red wings because they look demonic and the evilness of it makes it a good accessory for my Gaian since he is a evil little bugger lol
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The Dark Halo from June 2006 has to be my favorite.
It was one of the first MCs that I had gotten since I joined the year before and I still own one to this day.
Granted, back then I had at least 3 of them because I loved all of the poses, but I'm glad to at least have one around even if I don't use it anymore.
It'll forever be treasured as one of my favorite monthly items as well as one of my favorite items, period.
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Although I do like the Red Wings, I like the Celestial Veil more because it looks very elegant and beautiful, and the whole "demonic look" the Red Wings gives is too overdone on the internet. If I wasn't broke at the moment, I would probably buy the Celestial Veil. sweatdrop
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Love the Red Wings.
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My favourite June MC is DEFINITELY Cloud. I've been questing that item FOR MONTHS now whee
Happy Birthday To Mee redface
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My favorite June MC was the Dark Halo, it matches any dark/demonic theme and if you can be creative enough you can incorperate it into a angelic form.
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My favorite is the angelic halo. It is a very widely loved item and is very popular with the girls. It's something that adds to the outfit. Although I don't own one and never have, it is nice to see it on other people's avis. It's also a way to show the world your social standards (how rich you are) because it's a pretty pricey object.
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Well I'm alittle new around Gaia, so I don't know too much about the other June MC's, but I really really love the Celestial Veil right now.

It's so pretty especially for my avi right now since I tend to lean towards white lately and I have to have anything that involes the moon stars or the sky 3nodding
i would have to say the angelic halo was the best mc. the reason i like it is becuase about .02% of people on gaiaonline have one and it is the best and rarest item of them all

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