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"Those that break the rules and regulations are scum.
But those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum"

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i got to say the June's 2004 Mc; Angelic Pendant .why because it gives that special glow to your avatar!And that of an angel. biggrin

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My favourite June Monthly Collectible is the Angelic Halo. No, not because it's all shiny and uber expensive.. but because it's a notch in Gaia's History. The Angelic Halo was Gaia's first ever Monthly Collectible and started a wonderful tradition, if you will. It was the first in a very long, ongoing, line of [mostly] wonderful and very interesting items that have come out. It was the only MC to come out by its self, unlike the others that have come in pairs. It's not an item I am ever going to quest; it's just an item that marks the start of what I look forward to each and every month.
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my favorite june mc would be angelic halo because its just perfect
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What’s your all time favorite June Monthly Collectible and why!

2007, Western Zodiac.
It'd have to be my favourite because there are a lot of different items inside of it, All the choices looked pretty good quality wise, and you had a lot of possibilities with it. biggrin
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My favorite was the Cloud. I liked how I could switch it up between a sunny day, and a rainy day when ever I wanted to.
I would have to say the June 04 items. Not only were they very useful items (the Angelic Pendant & Horns of the Demon); they were also great items to any avi set up. No matter what avi look you were going for, either angelic or demonic, cute or scary; adding one of these two items made it look all the better.
the Cloud!! It makes me feel like Son Goku!
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My favourite monthly collectible is the demonic halo and the demonic armor i like chosing evil themed items and it's also cool
My favorite june Mc was The Cloud Because It was just white and i like white so i bought it.
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My favourite June MC would most definitely have to be the Angelic Lace. I love the soft blue colour and elegant feel it has. It layers as well with many other items. And matches the Classilke, one of my favorite EIs, very well.
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Gengar I Choose You!!!

Dark Halo Because it was the first item I quested for and I wear it with almost every outfit, even when I lost my first account it was one of the items I wanted to get back right away.
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I enjoyed the Black Ops Gear item. For once, true homage to a great series, Metal Gear Solid. It was good to be able to act like my favorite Snake and snake through threads.
The Dark Phoenix Reborn:
My favorite is the Phoenix Circlet. I think it is because I've always been interested in Mythology and Phoenix's clearly fit into that. I've always loved Phoenix's as well (you can tell by some of my user names). It's got such a lovely color to it as well, it goes nicely with any Red/Orange themed avatar.
mine's probably cloud because i like the weather..... especially rainbows! ;D
my all time fav june mc is the angelic halo coz its simple yet classy

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