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My Favorite June Collectible would have to be the mythrill halo. bland and boring, yet classic and timeless. As they say, you can't beat the classics!
my favorite would be radiant prism, though i dont generally like non-clothing items, radiant prism defiantly breaks the idea with the fancy colors and simple yet beautiful uses, i really like the floating panel, it's both intriguing and magical
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My favorite June Monthly Collectibles are the Horns of the Demon, Mythrill Halo, Cloud, and the Bone Dragon Helm.
First is the Horns, I love these because I love looking evil twisted and they match most things since they're black.
Second is the Mythrill Halo, I love this because I can match it with a lot of things and it makes a good touch to you avatar. I can also look innocent. I love looking Demonic and Angelic.
Third is the Cloud, I love the cloud slippers, the smokey stuff, the rainbow, and the Cloud you ride on. It could add a great touch to my avatar.
Fourth and last is the Bone Dragon Helm, I love the way the Helmet looks like a Cubone from Pokemon, plus it makes me look mysterious. I would use the one that is over your face and the one behind your head. 3nodding I've always wanted the Bone Dragon Helmet since I first saw it when someone was wearing it in the rally.
That is why I love these June Monthly Collectibles!
The favourite was ♥The Cloud♥ Because it showed my feelings,my heart and al the colorful stuffs (nevermind)
I love it because it´s my way of being, My way of showing, My fav , My type, My adventure, MY life!, my topic, My love , My stranger, My pretty ness
Actually I have three fave 2004 2006 2007

but what stood up the most was june 2007

although 2004 and 2006 june collectibles had two very unique (dark halo) items which was the dark halo and the horns of demons where most 13-17 years old (rebellious age) people can express there artistic feeling against real life on how they feel about growing up with their own problems and express it with their gaian avatar , I my self can understand that kind of situation because i am in the rebellious age but..

the june 2007 collectibles was how you say unique (again..) because i didn't only see an artistic side of it but it was quite refreshing to see such good looking items that isn't negative or against life . Refreshing because it's new , The western zodiac realy expresses alot of artistic thought where i can express my past and my beliefs so i can learn from it and the Mythril Halo ( Cheap version of Angelic halo 8D) expressed hope and never give despite all the negative problems that has been happening to me as a growing teenager and The Cloud where it symbolizes the future where there is always a new path for you to walk in .

plus I can do alot of cool avi's and cosplays with june 2007 items 8D.

and if solo items fave it would be Western Zodiac because it has a mask which can represent the equinox or balance (i hate anything that's too much) 8D.

*edited Highlighted all mc names and added solo fave item
mine would hafta be the clouds
they're so versatile and can be incorporated into any theme/outfit easily
plus some of the poses are funny c:
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My favorite june MC is the radiant Prism because it is a so colourful !!
and it is cute =) But what i like the most is the combination of the forms and the colours.
Definitely have to go with the horns of the demon. They bring out the little demon inside of me. hehe xd
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My favorite is "Angelic Lace" because it looks so elegant.
Grim Reaper Because the idea of slowly turning into the grim reaper is just great and matches the outfit of my avatar
My all time favorite June MC, and my all time favorite MC actually, together with the G. Laurels,
is the Angelic Pendant from 2004. Simple but yet so pretty.
It has a beautiful light blue glow and can give any outfit that little extra touch.
It's undoubtedly one of Gaia's most beautiful items. >3<
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Ninja Headband - It's cool and it covers you JUST enough. Making you feel like a ninja for real~ ninja
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Gothic Veil, Cloud, and Mythril Halo!
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Mine was the Cloud smile
i liked the angelic lace because it was just so pretty and it would make me feel angelic if my avatar had it on

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