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Want to Win a June 2010 Monthly Collectible?

Here’s How To Enter:

  • Reply to this thread with your answer to this question:

    What’s your all time favorite June Monthly Collectible and why!

  • Submit your entry before Monday June 21st 2010 at 12:00 noon PST!

Rules and Judging:

  • This contest is open to all Gaians! We will not disqualify anyone based on age or location.
  • You must reply to this thread with your all time favorite June MC and tell us why. Incomplete entries and spam posts will be disqualified.
  • Though you may submit multiple entries, we highly recommend that you choose your favorite June MC and best reasoning and enter only once.
  • Entries must be a June MC accompanied by a relevant reason why it’s your favorite, or they will be disqualified.

When the contest has ended, Monday June 21st 2010 at 12:00 noon PST, we will review the entries and choose 10 random winners to receive a June 2010 MC. The winners will be contacted via PM and will have 72 hours to respond or they will forfeit their prize! Winners may be announced at the conclusion of the contest once they have received their prize!

Have Fun and Good luck!

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My favorite June MC was the Cloud<3
I fell in love with it instantly! It matched most of my themed outfits ^-^. The cloud slippers were my favorite part of the MC because they looked spiffy and comfortable x3 . Loved it!
I dunno, I almost want to say Superior Form and Gothic Veil, because those were the MC's when I first started playing gaia for real. Plus, I still love skin altering items.
My favorite June MC is the Angelic Lace. It's such a nice concept and color, and it works with a lot of outfits I like!
(: I liked the MC from June 2007 the most. Because there were three options to choose from with was really nicer than usual. Plus, the items were worth a bunch! There was the Cloud, Mythrill Halo, and the Western Zodiac.

-They used the Mythrill Halo to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Gaia's Collectibles. It all started in June 2003, when Gaians who donated money to help offset the rising costs of Gaia's severs were rewarded with the Angelic Halo. Four years and 100 collectibles later, they offer our heartfelt thanks again with the Myhrill Halo. And lots of other items have been made out of Mythrill as well: the Mythrill Armor, Mythrill Bag, and Mythrill Coins.
-Cloud was a really good name for it instead of naming it something fancy-like. It lets me express my feelings and moods by using fluffy when your feeling happy and joyful or dark and stormy when you want rain falling on your head or your sad. And the best, they made a cloud slipper!
-And the Western Zodiac had great things because I really love astrology! This item represents all the zodiac signs, from the noble mane of Leo to the wild sting for Scorpio! The twelve signs of the Western Zodiac represent the divisions of the sky, the months of the year, and the character types of those born under their influence.
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i like the demonic halo because i like halos and just the idea of a demonic angel compels me.
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The cloud, because it makes me feel like Goku when he's rideing his nimbus around =D
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My favorite would be the black ops gear. Because i can dress up as solid snake and hide in a box just like in metal gear solid games User Image
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I liked June 2007. Three item that was super sweet. The mythrill halo layers well with the demonic halo and wind halo. The cloud is the cloud. I used it for a Sonson cosplay. Not big on the zodiac, but it had a good cross-bow.
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Don't try to understand me...
My favorite is Radiant Prism *-* Because this was the most colorful MC ever *O* I liked it. :3
...because your words is just not enought.
User Image
My favorite June MC would have to be the Mythrill Halo. I love this item. It matches almost every outfit my avatar has ever equipped. It is very angelic and gives a nice touch to almost anything you put on your avatar!
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I'd have to say the Horns of the Demon.
They were the first things I ever quested, and when I did get them at the sweet price of 40k (waaaaaay back in the day), I was so stupendously proud of myself.
They're a great accessory for adding a dash of colour to your head, and not just for looking devilish.
The two lengths they come are awesome as well.
I love them so much, you'd have to drag them out of my dead, cold fingers. >8V
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Urgg. Thats hard ! Its between Kiki kitty, or Steel-plated ninja head band.<3
Kiki - Cute. You can put it in your hand with out it blocking your avi.
Ninja HB - Covers your face just right, so you can still see it, but see that its still there. xD
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User Image'~:User Image:~'User Image

My favorite June mC is the Western Zodiac because of the crown pose.

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