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My favorite monthly collectible for July is the koi from 2009. My reason for it being my favorite is the artwork that it shows along with how it is natural and how it includes nature (I find nature to be the most beautiful thing ever).
So now you know.
elegant veil
I love how it is soooo elegant and holy looking biggrin
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My favorite is the Ancient Katana, from 2006. I always wanted one since i started to play gaia. The Ancient Katana is too expensive, and this is the only chance to have it. its a nice item for any look.
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my fav july collectable is Queen Dorado.
the reason is all the poses would look awesome especially the red eye makeup to go with my current avi!!!!
If i were to win i would have my yr long almost up to date!
i am getting each collectable as a quest since all the other quests i have tried have failed. some people have helped me and i thank you! u all rock.

we love you dj helsing!!!!
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I liked Ancient Katana, it accents almost everything so well! i was so happy when i bought it a little while back! heart
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My all-time July Monthly Collectible favorite would have to be the Panda Hat 2003. It's an irresistible little panda on your head, making it cute and fun! This polar critter makes you feel comfy, warm and spontaneous. Also a bit crazy... People would hear me make panda noises all over town. :T Nom nom nom. <3
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my favorite would have to be Lunar Cowl from July 2005
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Let me first say that I missed a whole lot of July MCs somehow. crying

Let's see, my favourite would have to be the Solar Headdress from 2005. It's the only solar item I like because it makes a really nice arm-wing and necklace set. It's not huge or flashy, and it doesn't take away from my usual all-black attire. Also, I like wearing belts/sashes, so that's a nice bit of colour that I can add.
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July 2004 MC: Kitsune Mask
The 2009 black wolf because i love how everything looks and i love wolves heart
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The Ancient Katana easily. It was the item that made me join Gaia in the first place.
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Of course the first MC, sadly i joined gaia too late sad
I would really love to have the Panda hat. I am aware I costs a fortune, but the thing is, I couldn't buy it even if I had enough gold. There are no Panda Hats in the MP. I feel like July is a big month on Gaia, because a lot of the great MCs came out in July, such as Panda Hat, Grizzly Hat, Steel-Plated Ninja Headband, Ancient Katana.... I mean who would want those items?
my favorite july MC is enchanted strings. it is very classy and elegant. simply awesome biggrin
I LOVE the Queen Dorado monthly collectible. Red is one of my favorite colors and this is both seductive and powerful. Reminds me of Mayan design whee

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