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Favorite Monthly Collectible would have to be the Ascended Demon.

Why? Becuase it matches with plenty of avi's ;D
ill have to say the Ancient Katana because for me it is unique and has historic references in it to
My favorite July monthly collectible would have to be the "July 2006 " Elegant Veil.
Its a gorgeous item and represents love. A long time back I used to own this item and wear it all the time, but I was unfortunately hacked and at this time is rather expensive to purchase. Its still to this day my favorite July item, and on my top list of favorite items on gaia ^^
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Ithilldyn Armor is my favorite because it is the first one i actualy bought with G-Cash so it has sentimental value, plus i can use it in almost all of my outfits making it one of my "elite" items. (i call them elite if i can use them alot or they look extreamly good)
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I like steel plated ninja band because it's simple. Only 3 ways to wear it. And it looks pretty cool with anything
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My favorite July MC would have to be the Steel-plated Ninja Band ;D

It's cool and classy! It (obviously) reminds me of Naruto, of which I'm a fan <3

The only reason I've never bought it because 1. it's pretty expensive 2. my hair is always covering it O;

But maybe...one day x3 when I get richer. But I think think it's the coolest (and my fav) July MC so far. C:
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My favorite July MC would have to be Enchanted Strings. I love music, mostly violins, which makes me love this item even more. Enchanted Strings is a very cool item if you love music like me, I even own a violin.
I find this it uncommon because not very many people take interest in items like this. I don't really like items from back when Gaia started, for I find them very common like Ancient Katana and Steel Plated Ninja Headband. Those items are used all the time and Enchanted Strings isn't used very much.
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Ancient katana, I have always been a fan of swords and weapons. Even though I don't own it, it always has been my favorite!
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My favorite all time July MC is the 2008 holy gauntlets because they are the best for getting a paladin outfit.
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I loved the Enchanted Strings. ^-^ I had one when it first came out, it matched and made many of my music-y outfits that I made that year
Panda hat!!! Because it's so cool and plus WHO DOESN'T LIKE PANDAS!!! =P
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        Black Wolf ; It's very adorable and goes with a lot!
My favorite July monthly collectable is the Panda Hat from 2003, because I LOVE PANDAS! I have about 50 panda stuffed animals in my room! Too bad its SO EXPENSIVE! oh and there haven't been any market listings for awhile T___T lol
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1. i love pandas
2. who doesent love pandas
3. its so cute and a great idea in hat form
My favorite July MC was the Holy Gauntlets. The reason is I like any type of armor or warrior type stuff and the holy gauntlets had a sword shiled and armor, and they all looked amazing.
Hope thats a good enough reason xp

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