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My favourite collectible is definitely July 2006: Elegant Veil. Because of its natural elegance and of its feeling of innocence. it gives that purity and ethereal look. This is simply gorgeous smile
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My favorite July MC has to be Ancient Katana, because swords are freakin' awesome!
I support Devin, Louie, Lance, and Liam!
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What’s your all time favorite July Monthly Collectible and why!
This is hard qwestion, but i try answer. The 1th i like them all, but my favourite the elegant veil, because nice. ANd use may lots avatar style (FAntasy, angel fairy, princess, bridge etc..) And all of girl like this item.
I just LOVE the July 2004 monthly collectibles! The Steel-plated Ninja Band is pretty cool, and the Kitsune Mask is just so awesome!it is adorable and it can be serious or silly lol
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Im not really sure. If I HAD to pick (like if i was forced at gunpoint XD) I would pick the July 2009 Black Wolf item! It is just so...cool!and sort of creepy at the same time. OH! And its furry and uber soft looking! blaugh
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The one i like is Steel plated ninja band because its so kool looking.
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My all-time favorite July Monthly Collectible, even though I've personally never owned one, is the Elegant Veil. This is because it's so versatile. You can wear it if you need a skirt, a top, something in your hair, etc. In addition to this, it is very pretty and white is one of my favorite colors. It's just my style because I'm such a girly girl.
July 2007 Ancient Katana:

I had one once, but sold it and I have regretted it ever since. I believe that was the year I started Gaia and it was the very first MC I bought so it's sentimental.
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White. Pure, innocent but not ordinary.
Elegant. Delicate.
Warm but light.

Technically perfect!
Elegant Veil
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I would say Ithilldyn Armor, this month's monthly collectible... The design is for me divine and pure, as white is a color that I definitely cannot resist. The color goes well with the armor that I imagine a hero will be in...
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My favorite July collectible has to be the Kitsune Mask. Just cause a Shinto priest showed me what Kitsune really is and what the mask symbolizes. It was beautiful. Some how I can never conjure up the gold to get one though.
My favorite monthly collectible was Queen Dorado. This was my favorite because it was the first collectible I got, and also because it looks very pretty, I like the war tattoos the best. 3nodding
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Steel plated ninja brand because i have watched naruto for 5 years now and i love it blaugh
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I Liked the July 2004, but I'm new on Gaia, discovered it 2 years ago. If I had chance I could buy the Kitsune Mask+Steel Plated Ninja Band. But is so expensive for my piggy-bank...

I dont said I'm a big fan number one of "Naruto", but it will be sooo amazing to get the July 2004, principally the Kitsune Mask, I'm enchanted with the story of the masks.
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I love the kitsune mask ever since i watched anime! I also love the elegance of its style that never gets old! smile

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