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although i love the fire flower, panda hat, ninja head band and almost every July monthly collectible since the site started, i would have to say that my favorite would be the Lunar Cowl. the reason being that when you do it right, it's like being batman, and who doesn't want to be batman? plus, it's totally one of the unsung heroes of the MCs, if you ask me.

ummm.... what about July?

what do u mean by that?

The question was for favorite July collectible, nbd. sweatdrop

ummm.... what about July?

what do u mean by that?

The question was for favorite July collectible, nbd. sweatdrop

hehe thanks for telling me!! eek
I guess i get ahead of my self and didn't read all the way sweatdrop

It's cool. I like your drawing! wink
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Looking back at all the July MCs I have to give it up for July 2008's MC Holy Gauntlets
I feel that it's unappreciated but it's affordable and has some pretty awesome back mounts!
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The Steel ninja Head band is the best item i have seen come out in a letter and should make a comeback maybe a new steel ninja head band xp heart
My favorite July monthly collectible was the Steel-Plated Ninja Band from back in the day!
I love it because it's the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to look like a ninja,
and it just brings back so much Naruto nostalgia back before the series continued on and on. xD
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My favorite July MC would be this months Queen Dorado.
Why? Because I love the Aztec like feel of it, and i just love those times along with Victorian but that's beside the point.
I myself would get about four of them, if i ever had money to go towards the awesome stuff Gaia throws at me.
I really like the July 2008 Holy Gauntlets. I still wear it today.
Enchanted Strings featured in 2007 was Awe-inspireing
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its a tie between enchanted strings, elegant veil or the steel plated ninja band
they are all so wonderful
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My favorite July MC of all time would have to have been the Panda Hat from July 2003. It was one of the first MCs' ever and if I had been around during that time, I would have so bought Gaia Cash to buy that MC. I find it so adorable and cute, and wouldn't mind having that in real life. I would so show it off. Haha. o u o
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The Winter Rose is a symbol of true elegance, grace and beauty. If there was no Winter rose.... What's the use of collectibles?! It is my favourite accessory (I don't have it on this account because I used my brother's one at that time) Who doesn't adore the white winter rose?! Long Live The Winter Rose Of July 2006 ( I think It Was July.. Because it appeared in July on my brother's Gaia account) If you do not agree with me.. Just quote this and tell me why.. If Its Not July...:/ Just tell me[/color]
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I love eglant veil because it's got lots of items, and it looks really pretty and is very inspiring, like a peace item

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