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My all time favorite July MC is the Steel plated Ninja band. Even today I try to think of a way to get this item, even though I know I can't make 8.6 mil for it. It is a really nice, but simple accessory that some of us use, not just because it is based off of Naruto, but it's stylish look on people's avatars.
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My fav july MC would be this years Queen Dorado, because it's so beautiful, I love every pose it has, normally I only like one or just a few of the MC poses and they also didn't look great by themself, one always had to add some other things to make the avi look great but for this one, you only need a few queen dorados to make an awesome avi.
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My favorite July monthly collectible would be the Panda Hat. heart I love pandas!~ Too bad they are so expensive... crying
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Koi was my favorite! It reminds me of my favorite movie, Spirited Away and my favorite book, One Fish Two Fish Redfish Blue Fish. Plus it's fun to say, listen, you can use it in a sentence! "Koi Pasa?" "O-Koi" "Koi O Koi can't you love me". smile Plus there's a fun song about fishies--- les poisson les poisson how I love les poisson... biggrin Fish = FUN!
I just wanna lusty scoundrel that's all smile
And I'll give all the money ive bein saving up to my friends
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The Koi!

The colors are beautiful and I loooove the tail!
Hmm....It has to be the Kitsune Mask!I love it cause it's so traditional.
I've always loved traditional japanese stuff.*w*
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my favorite July mc would have to be elegant veil looks great if you wanna have that angelic look
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I love the Red Veil!

It's a beautiful addition for weapons and cosplay equips!
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User ImageMy favorite one one is definitely the Ancient Katana from July 2006. I still have it, will never sell it and wear it often proudly! It's still one of the prettiest weapons I think.User Image
It's hard to choose but I'll have to go with the MC February 2010 Scarlet Rose.
I remember thinking this MC is totally worth every single last bit of gold it costs to get one.
It's only has 6 forms, which is less then some, but i like all of the them which is rare
because with most items I would only consider wearing one of the forms provided.
I feel the red speaks to me; it's really beautiful and delicate.
Plus, I liked the cover page so much I drew my own version :]
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ummm.... what about July?
My favorite July MC is the Mecha Form. I used to use it in almost all of my avatars, and I can't even remember why I got rid of it. It was great if you just wanted a shirt, and it was perfect for when I wanted to make a space themed avatar!
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My Favorite Would Be The Steel-Plated Ninja Band.
In My Personal Opinion, I Find That It Is Worth The Money You Spent For it.
Well, I Never Actually Had Enough Money To Even Buy It
But My Main Reason Is That It Is A Unique Item Which I Rarely See On Avi's

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