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my favorite july collectible is Black Wolf of 2009 because it reflex a spirit animal in the avatars for me is one of the greatest items on gaia, and it have a great quantity in objects like the wolfs eyes are great ninja

REASON: CUZ THEIR COOL? com' on who wouldn't like em all?
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I like Steel plated ninja band because it is cute, stylish and it makes me look like an NinJa!
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My favorite would have to be the Prism Armor for last year, its colorful and Its the first thing I put on when making a white based AVI
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My Favorite July Monthly Collectible would have to be Enchanted Strings, because I used to play the violin, and it just fit my personality! Plus it was super cool that there were THREE monthly collectibles that month!
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the nightmare scarf,

cause it is still to this day the coolest scarf
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my favorite is the steel plated ninja band!!! i wanted to get it so bad but i've never had enough money for it crying but oh well!! >(^w^)<
I would definitely have to say koi from '09. The colors are elegant and I absolutely love the fan and tattoo. It's also very well drawn; fits the avi perfectly. smile
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Ancient Katana from Monthly Collectibles of 2006

The Ancient Katana has many forms that can be incorperated into any outfit. It is the only item (That I think) that can be used in different forms. It also is an amazing item and also an expensive item now. (To me) I believe the Ancient Katana is best Monthly Collectibles of July I have ever seen. It also reminds me of Sasuke and the use of his sword.
elegant veil: its beautiful graceful and versatile for avis
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The Winter Rose. It contains the absolute most beautiful formal gown on Gaia as well as other beautiful accessories, such as flower petals in the air around your avatar.
Panda Hat.
2. Pandas are my favorite animal.
I've always wanted one, but never got it, :[
Steel Plated Ninja because I finished all of the episodes and i always wanted it ever since
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June 2011: Celestial veil. The item is elegant, versatile, and works well with angelic halo, a classic MC. Also, the art released on that month to promote it was great.
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My favorite is Queen Dorado because it is different, and original, unlike several other Gaia items I've seen.

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