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Panda Hat <3

Though i've never had one, super kawaii.
I just love Pandas.
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Any July Monthly Collectible would be fine. Reason being i never win these contests and if by any awesome chance i DO win i'd be super surprised and would probably fall in love with Gaia even more.
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My favourite July MC is Bacchus because I love the stories of Bacchus (or Dionysus!) and what he represented in Greek mythology- madness and wine! The party god!
Elegant Veil, simply beautiful.
The Steel-Plated Ninja Band is my favourite July MC, since it is vintage, classic and the item that I have been questing for, since I began Gaia.
Every dream avatar of mine had the band on the forehead, and the outfit was designed solely around it.
It also represents Naruto, one of the most loved anime series, especially by me. whee
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Hmm a Thank You Letter for July 2006 I like the Elegant Veil & Ancient Katana
The veil is just lovely I think I have 4 of them I wanted the hole outfit and as for the Katana it's just really cool I hope to buy one some day ..Ever since my son( tsuki579 ) got me started on gaia in 2007 I have really enjoyed it . I think he has been on gaia since 2003.Thank you for having such a fun and safe site for every one to chat and play games in....pattyard
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I would have to say Enchanted Strings just because it has two instruments that i would still like to learn how to play, the violin and guitar. I LOVE music.
My favorite July MC would have to be the Panda Hat, because it is the quintessential monthly collectible, and there is not one Gaian online who doesn't wish they had the Panda Hat, not only because of its cost, (which, of course, makes it a very valuable and attractive item), but because I mean, come on, who doesn't love animal-based headgear? Not only that, but panda headgear. The item is flawless, and that is why it's my favorite July MC.
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mY fAvOrItE mOnThLy CoLeCtIbAl Of JuLy Is MeChA fOrM bEcAuSe It SoMeHoW rEmInDeS mE oF mY cAt ThE cOiNcIdEnTaLlY dIeD iN 2007 AlSo ItS pReTtY cOoL.
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Elegant veil is my favorite! The artwork is fantastic, and it has multiple ways to be worn. Great color choice and I guess you could say fabric type (?) for this piece to be elegant. xd
well my faverit July Monthly Collectible is the Elegant Veil!
its alsome can go with everything Im going to bye it soon! everything looks great to the veil (i hate veil too) to the ... everything!
I love this item!
i think my favorite would have to be ithilldyn armor because it just looks so cool on almost anyone and i havent seen alot of other monthy collectables cause i just got an account 3nodding
In my opinion, the Ithilldyn armor is vastly superior. I really want to eventually build up a elegant angel-styled avi, and this armor is perfect for that. The hair is also useful in millions of other contexts. Even as just a hair style, the Ithilldyn armor is great.

The knives/glyphs are pretty awesome, but probably my least favourite part. As angelic characters go, they usually have a staff/spear/sword of justice. To me a knife-like object is kind of unsuitable to the type.

I find the Ithilldyn armor far more useful than the Dorado ensemble. It just seems like more of a universal item to me.

However, that's only my opinion.
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my favorite was the july 2006 katana, because its a katana who wouldn't love that, and it just makes a any character that more legit. ninja
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My favorite would have to be Lunar Cowl.... It looks like ... nananananananananananananananana BATMAN whee and I heart Batman 3nodding I think every single item the Gaia Online staff designs is GORGEOUS!!! So creative and talented 3nodding

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