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Got a jagged gorgeous winter from a summers thread

The Solar Headdress, Ancient Katana and Enchanted Strings. All for different reasons.

The Solar Headdress was one of my first MC's. It's different poses of white and gold added nice splashes to many of my avi's.

The Ancient Katana was a birthday gift that with it's colors, I can stick it on almost every avi I have somewhere and it'd fit. It's balanced out white and black on many avi's.

And Enchanted Strings. Brown goes with a lot of colors. It always makes avi's shine. And it has musical instruments to choose from. It's a lot different from many mc's.

Gaia's made many mc's. At this point, it's impossible for me to just choose one, even when you make me choose just from one month through out the years.

All the lies you told about me they were totally, totally, totally true
I would have to say that the Ancient Katana is my favorite... not only for July's, but even among all monthly collectibles. I think it is mostly because I joined Gaia at the end of July 2006, and it was the first monthly collectible that I ever knew about. sweatdrop Plus, the design is simple and streamlined to go with almost any outfit, not to mention that it is a sword. wink
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My favorite July MC is Bacchus because it has a really nice color.
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My favorite July MC has to be Enchanted Strings. The reason would have to be because one of my favorite instruments is the violin. I'm still working to get this, but will have it someday.
My favourite is the Enchanted Strings~!
It looks so elegent and pretty :3
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I love the panda hat! Pandas are just too irresistible not to have!
Red wings: Shiny,low-cost,kinda popular, and cool biggrin hope i won eek
My favorite July collectible would be ummm the Panda Hat
because pandas are beautiful creatures and would love to see one upon my head c:
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Elegant Veil because its so pretty biggrin
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that's all.
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I love the Woodland Druid & Fortuna!!!
Ancient Katana, Simple as that :3
My favorite July MC would have to be Steel-Plated Ninja Band.

I love this collectible because it's ninja. Come on' who doesn't love ninjas?? All sneaky-like and use swords, katanas, and shurikens! ninja ninja ninja ninja
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i want to say the Katana because it show hard work an determination n its is a nice item to have.
Panda hat! heart

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