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Enchanted Strings is my favorite because to me it has an elegant and rockish feel to it. It even has a beautiful tatoo-ish, wind from almost every poses. (Not to mention it's an MC with several poses) ;]

Too bad I'm not wearing it. :[
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My favorite July monthly collectible would be Black Wolf, as you can see I'm wearing it right now, it just looks so awsome, from the tail to the wolf hat and necklace its all amazing. I wouldn't sell it even if I needed that same amount of gold just to reach my dream avi.
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My fav is the head case. I use it when I wanna be a female super sayan X3 it's very fun and very useful.
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My favorite July MC is the katana because it looks so cool and goes with almost anything.
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My favorite July MC is the Elegant Veil because I love its angelic theme and grace.
July MC

because i love koi tattoos smile
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My Favorite july item would have to be either the Lunar cowl or the Solar headress.
Obviously they are my favorite seeing as I've had both and even saved up long enough to get the solar headress a few years after i got hacked and lost my Lunar cowl.(confusing? it should be)

Hackers suck.
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My favorite monthly collectable for the month of July would have to be: Koi

In its description it states:

The Koi has been a symbol of friendship...

Friendship. I like to think that every friend I make on Gaia is someone I can get to know, perhaps someday meet in real life. My friendship with Gaia has produced more down-to-earth, caring, understanding, and cool people then I would have know had Gaia not been there. These friends have gotten me through thick and thin times, and in return I help them in their times of need.

So thank you Gaia, your a good friend.
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I would have to say that my favorite July MC is Kistune Mask. I like the different expressions that each pose has. The the shadows on it are very realistic and give it the volume an actual mask would have. The pixel work is very good for the time it was done in, and it's a fun accessory for when one wants to make an asian inspired outfit. I may not have been on Gaia for very long, but Kistune Mask is definitely a classic MC.
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My favorite July MC ever since I joined was the black wolf. I love how creepy and dark it looks. The eyes in that MC were pretty cool and so are the pelts. They look quite hot.
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my favorite july monthly colectable is bacchus. i like bacchus because i love how you can have a leopard laying right beside you biggrin i also like how the items in it look realistic
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                My favorite July MC is the Ancient Katana. Not only was is the first July MC I had ever purchased, but it was the first contribution I ever made to Gaia. Back when I still sent you guys cash and a cheesy letter (I bet I was your favorite lol ). Ahh, nostalgia...

I would have to say either the Elegant Veil from 2006 or Holy Gauntlets from 2008.

Elegant Veil mainly because it's amazingly beautiful to draw avatar art for OH MAN so awesome. LOVE IT.

The Holy Gauntlets I've always liked. Especially the gold. Gold and white are awesome together. idk. I guess it's just like, an attraction to shiny things. <33
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Definitely Enchanted Strings from 2007!

I used to own it ( I bought it myself ).
I'm a very musical person, and when I saw the item it made me smile. Something that I could relate too, music.
It also reminded me of a childhood friend who played the Violin, one of my best friends then. He moved, and it was nice to remember him.

It went well with almost any avi I made, and I just really really loved that item.
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Mecha form is my ABSOLUTE favorite monthly collectible EVAR. Mecha form combines my two favorite things cats and mecha! I also love it because it is so versatile to use in outfits for contests and just wearing around town. Mecha form even includes a walker with PAWS, so you don't have to waste your energy walking!

HOE DAMN, that was the most typing I've done in a while. User Image
lol MECHA FORM!!!!
(no caps lock used!!!! I Hold the SHIFT key with Pride!)

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