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My favorite July mc would have to be the Ancient Katana. i always thought that it was a very cool sword, one of the best made on gaia and it captured the spirit of any wanna be ninjas. Plus it looks like such a comanding item like when an avatar has the ancient katana it just screams powerful and strong....It has meaning behind it.
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My favorite MC EVER Would have to be the one with the Coco Kitty, and the Wind Security Blanket. The reason why that these are my favorite MC's is because they were the fist ones that I've ever had. Though, sadly threw out the years I've been hacked, by close friends, and I ended up losing those two items on an older account. I would love to some day be able to get at least one of them back, weather it be from buying it on the market, or even getting it as a gift from someone amazing on Gaia.
Mecha form! Because black and white robot parts make for great avatars. cool
My favorite was the Black Wolf form 2009. The pixeling on it is just amazing. I try to sneak it into my avatars as much as possible. The wolf head is a must for any warrior themed avi.
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The Panda Hat from 2003 is my favorite, because seriously, who doesn't love pandas? All black and white and fluffy...

Also, Pablo Sandoval from the San Francisco Giants (my favorite player) is called "The Panda." They sell panda hats at AT&T Park because of that, and I have one. :3
...I'll stop now.
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My favourite would have to be Ancient Katana. I've had it ever since it came out and it became one of my favourite MCs. It's simple, yet awesome. It also looks good when you back mount it and I like how it looks when I wear a kimono with it.
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I love the steel-plated ninja band because it is so obviously connected to my favorite manga, Naruto, yet the developers cleverly maneuvered around the fact, which I'm guessing was either to avoid needing to develop a contract with Naruto's creators or to fit through a loophole so they wouldn't be sued by the creaters of Naruto. xd
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My favorite July Collectible would have to be the Ancient Katana. It's classic yet amazing!
Steel-plated Ninja Band, Because it kinda reminds me of naruto..And who wouldnt want to feel like a ninja ninja
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I don't really like any of the July MCs, to be honest. If I'd have to pick one it'd be the fire flower. I hardly ever use it, but I like it best for a sentimental reason: It's one of the first items on Gaia that I coveted.
Ancient Katana is the best MC ever!! For I just love katanas so this was the best item for me. Plus its the only good item for katana needing avis. ^_^
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Steel Plated Ninja Headband is by far my favorite July MC.. it adds +10 to any avatars attractiveness and makes you stand out in a thread. To call this item sexy would simply be an understatement.
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My favourite July 2010 monthly collectible would have to be the Prism Armor. I love the colours cause they are so bright. It makes me happy!
From past July's: 2008-Holy Gauntlets-Feathers are soo pretty.
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How to choose just the one???

Ancient Katana is the BEST sword Gaia has EVER given us - makes me wish I had one, but Lucky the Cat first, I guess.

But also Lunar Cowl? Black Wolf?? ( COME ON, JUST LOOK AT ME! ) Holy Gauntlets??? Steel Plated Ninja Headband???? And that's just the start! There hasn't been many July's you haven't knocked out of the park!! By now, it's almost a tradition - July HAS to rock!!!

I'm fairly convinced that this month will eventually earn the props it deserves, despite the current dearth of opinions otherwise currently flooding the GCD.

( And just for good measure? THANK YOU for EVERY MC we've gotten over the years. Every one is special in some way, to someone.
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Steel-plated ninja headband for sure.
About 5 years ago I decided I wanted one. But oh man it was like 300k. Haha.
I finally got it and still have it. It reminds me of my humble narutard origins. And I still like the way it looks. c:

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