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My favorite July MC would be 2003 Panda Hat.
Despite that I do not own it(never had..) being one of those first items in gaia.,I find it very unique & fits well with everything. And of course is one of the most adorable hats around biggrin
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Guess the Enchanted Strings : Because Music is my life, And i loved them although i didn't get a chance a to buy them so...I guess im a unlucky girl...Though i wish to win this contest for my MC item ^_^

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I would have to say the Fire flower from 2007. It's visually wonderful for your avatar, from the headband to the tiki masks, I love the flames on the torch and the cape. It makes your avatar have their own "hawaiin experience" and s one of my favorite to play around with.
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My favorite July MC: Koi.
Several reasons:
-When investigating which MC's are from July, I discovered it.
-The colors are pretty and remind me of learning about Japan in grade two, and thus my best friend.
-Who doesn't like Koi Fish?
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My favorite monthly collectible of all time would have to be the Ancient Katana. It may not be the best weapon item of all time, as Death Whisper has to take the cake for that in my opinion, but it is my favorite because it is still a very cool looking item, and has reached an almost legendary status on Gaia.
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My favorite July MC was the Ancient Katana. What's not awesome about a samurai sword? Plus it's got tons of cool poses. It goes with a lot of different avatar themes too. A great all around item.
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The koi is my favorite July MC because it's pretty and colorful, but not too colorful. I also think the small fish floating around are cute.
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July 2007's Fire Flower. It's my favorite b/c I bought it to give to a friend. It made her so happy ! I felt really good =)
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July 2006: Ancient Katana.

I don't think I've made a single avatar here that wouldn't have benefitted from that MC. It's a sword that seems to go good with absolutely anything and everything.
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Regardless of the slim chance of winning, here it goes...

After seven July donation items, it's difficult to select a favorite, The Steel-Plated Headband was my first donation item, and it was a gift from a friend, so sentimental value is held. However, the Elegant Veil is a wonderful item to get a special feel to come across my avatar. I have a Fire Flower, as well, and wish to one day add that to an outfit I created.

My favorite July item is from 2007, specifically the Enchanted Strings. My childhood dream was to learn to play the violin, and I sincerely wanted to become a professional violist. However, because I was raised in a middle-class family, we couldn't afford the lessons or the instrument itself. Having the choice to show my avatar, a character model of my own design, playing the dream instrument I so desired, leaves a wonderful feel each time I log onto Gaia.
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koi because koi fish are so beautiful and elegant looking, i could watch one swimming all day long XD
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i've always wanted the Elegant veil
its so pure and white and it has a variety of ways to where it
Its SUGOI!!!
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Why care about yesterday's haze, when the stars above are all ablaze.

Kitsune Mask mostly because it awesome lol and I love foxes, I miss when gaia made the MC simple.

Why care about the coming dawn, when the moon pours now searchlight strong.
I think my favorite would have to be the Elegant Veil. I've loved it ever since it came out. It's so beautiful and it has so many poses so it can be used in so many different ways. I'm constantly changing my avatar and it's nice to have items like that.
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My Favorite july monthly collectible is Bacchus because it's just amazing it's more like a roman sort of thing, and it's just cool. REALLY COOL.

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