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cerulean city
My favorite July MC is the Koi!
The koi are pixellated beautifully and the tattoo is one of my all time favorite poses.
Plus, you get a gorgeous pond background!

poses tattoo?
I have to say it a tie between Lunar Cowl and Ancient Katana.

I love how the katana can go with any avatar and it just not stuck on your waist, you can back mount, have it across your lower back, etc.

The Lunar Cowl, was the first MC I quested for, mainly cause I love items that have to do with the Moon. Plus it's the probably one of the top item that people would use to cosplay Batman... 3nodding
So, I'm going with the Lunar Cowl... 3nodding
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Aaah, I am torn between the holy gauntlets and the koi. Both of them are items that I find to smashing. The holy gauntlets I can work into so many different kinds of outfits, which is why I love it so much. And the Koi, it was one of the first mertails that I found to be beautiful done, and its orange! heart Can't go wrong with orange :3
My favorite is the Katana. I have 2 of them and i just like the weapon. I have one in real life so its cool to have one on here as well. The best part is how I can be holding them or having them in their case on my back side.
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My favorite July Collectible would have to be Koi.

I love Koi for two reasons - 1. it has a unique, aesthetically pleasing fan and 2. it is a good, solid representation of the asian traditional culture I admire so much. I love Japan and the traditions that exist within it. Koi is a unique, simple way to represent the tradition. You can use it in many different ways from creating an underwater avatar (using the fish to show being "underwater" wink or a fierce warrior (the outfit that comes with it).
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I'd probably have to say the koi because I'm a big fan of said fish. Sadly I don't have one though.
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User Image Solar Headdress is my favourite July MC because the Solar Flare pose looks way cool. But it's not something Sneasel would wear... emo
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My favorite July MC is actually the Bacchus xD It has a lovely shade of purple that would be so interesting to use in my avatars.
My favorite July MC is definitely the kitsune mask! I modeled my whole avatar after Naruto, so making him look like an Anbu would be really cool! If I could choose two, I'd say the steel plated ninja band! Naruto Shippuden 4 EVAH!!! BELIEVE IT!!!

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