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Definitely the Elegant Veil. I've been trying to save up for one for years, but sadly I have yet to achieve this dream.
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My Favourite July MC is the Ancient Katana because not only is my birthday in July but i am obsessed with all things oriental and this MC fit's into that perfectly. I used to own 5 Ancient Katana's before temporarily quitting and starting over, but if i could get anything back it would be this. They not only look cool but have "practical" purposes too ^_^
My favorite July MC is the ninja headband I'm currently wearing. smile

There are a few reasons why I love this item, and this little piece of pixelated metal is what really persuaded me to join gaia. As silly as it sounds, I joined gaia to get my hands on one, as soon as I saw it I just had to have it. Not only is it versatile and well pixeled, the item its self is based off of my favorite ani-manga Naruto, which makes it perfect for any fan or cosplayer. And even for people who are not of the fanbase, the steel-plated band is a really cool and nifty accessory that goes with almost any look. smile
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Ancient Katana. In most of my outfits, it's a nice item to add balance most times.

I haven't changed outfits in ages, but still. razz The Katana was also one of the hot items when I made this account after coming back off a long break.
July '06 ; elegant veil.

Yeah, the veil is VERY elegant. (: you can wear it w/ anything. It matches, I used to have it, but I sold it so I could get bigger dreams. But it went up to much, & I never got it again. I first seen it in '08 . I would love to have one again. but if I won this july collectible I could possibly sell it & get my veil back...
.. hopefully. (:
thanks for reading my entry!
my favorite july mc is Enchanted Strings because its pretty and i'm just a band geek mrgreen
Elegant Veil is my favorite. I love the light blue color. So angelic and innocent,.
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My favorite July monthly collectible would have to be the Black Wolf. Thing is I love wolves, they are so mysterious, and stay as a pack, with one lone wolf around wanting to be apart of one. This item also portrays how a wolf looks like, but there are different colored ones, but still this is my favorite one so far.
The Steel-plated Ninja band is always suave, stylish, timeless, and beautiful. It works with some many different costumes and outfits and can be used in roleplays in Naruto style games or as symbols of evil or good or a million other things in different settings. I've always loved mine and wish it had been more prevalent.
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I'd have to say the Elegant Veil. It's such a versatile piece! It works well with many other items and it's something that I've used often over the years.❧
I would have to say the Elegant Veil is one of my favorite because it has to be one of the first items that reminds me of winter. I has such an amazing cold feel to it that it just make you want to dresses up as a soft snowy queen.
I would have to say the Koi
It makes me feel all down to earth and spiritual when I see koi fish, Makes me all happy when I get a chance to throw it on my avi <3
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Analyzer ~ Aquarium ~ Glow Thread

A lot of people may choose this one too but... I love the Ancient Katana. When I first started Gaia, my favorite puzzle to do was the picture for the month the Ancient Katana was released. ^ ^ So it's kind of symbolic of my first time on Gaia... That and it's wicked awesome. whee I love all the poses it comes with. I think it was a very well done MC.
I really like the Elegant Veil because it's tastefully done. When it first came out, there wasn't that many fancy genre items, unlike now. It was pretty simple but had delecate features which was nice. I had first joined then and thought about how pretty the item was. Other july items are cool also, but theres just something special about the Elegant Veil.
In my own opinion, I think that my all time favourite July MC was Black Wolf(that is July, right?). It was the first MC I ever got, and I always found it interesting.
I've always loved wolves, and I've had that MC ever since it came out. (:

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