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The panda hat is so cute!! I love panda bears and koala bears. smile
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My favorite July MC

Bani the Bunny.

I love the shirt design The lines and sleeves just get me. Love that thing so much im going to go put it on.
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Kodiac Grizzly Bear Hat
The Kodiak bear hat, hands down. I worked for the "bear crew" at the university while I was working on my degree, and the crew went out to catch bears to gather information about their age, health, and population. Granted, we were catching black bears, not grizzlies, but many "black bears" are shades of brown ranging from a pale blonde color to a near black cinnamony shade. I still look at the Kodiak hat with a certain amount of fondness for that summer, the people I worked with, the rugged but beautiful country, and all of the great bears.
Hello i would love to have a Kitsune Mask cause i would always think that would be really awesome
to have one of those. That was the first gaia item i wanted and when i looked at the price it was only 500k and i have always wanted it and it would be delightful to have something as great as that.

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My favorite July MC is the Steel-Plated Ninja Band because it gave us a headband that a ninja would wear, but unique to Gaia! ninja
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my fave july MC is the steel plated ninja band. it's simple, but nice, and it's a naruto item dramallama perfect.
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My favorite July MC is Enchanted Strings because it is pretty and elegant.

swifteagle440 rolled 2 4-sided dice: 3, 3 Total: 6 (2-8)

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monkey poop :drama llama::
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My favorite July MC is the Elegant Veil, the hair ribbons are so pretty and the clothes are silky and angelic-like ^_^ heart
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mine is the devil tail and lucky the cat ^^
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My favorite july mc would have to be the panda hat, because it's not only adorable but it also works with many outfits.
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Prism Armor since it matches with Radiant Prism (WANT, GAWD, WANT) VEEERRRYYY nicely. It's the best MC this year not counting May.

Radiates pure beauty for any avatar, in my opinion.
i love it July but i love it more the Astra-IV: Shadow Gem is so beuatiful
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Hello! My favorite July MC of all time has to be Elegant Veil (2006).
It's just so mysterious, and beautifully created.
I really love the ribbon hair pose <3.
Actually, I love all the poses n_n.
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I really like the Enchanted Strings from July 2007. While the violin and the harp themselves are beautifully pixelated, the swirly backgrounds captured my little Gaian heart. The colors are really calming and just... it's just a lovely item. XD *bad at this..*

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