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Every Monthly Collectible is amazing, Why? Because Gaia came up with them. Out of EVERY July collectible, I have to say I loved Holy Gauntlets, they were like real cool, with all the Crosses and wings and stuff, like makes me go "Gaia did something extra special." Because well you did, create a religious Item, I applaud you. c:
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What’s your all time favorite July Monthly Collectible and why

Elegant Veil. I needed a ton of them because I do Gaia cosplaying, but they're so pretty and I've been able to use so many of them.
I honestly have to say, it's the ancient katana, which happens to be part of my current avatar.

It is amazing because of how versatile it is, one of the few MCs that can really go with many avatar designs without looking awkward or superfluous. Truly one of the designer's best efforts.
Hmm, this is tough.
I guess it's a tie between Ancient Katana and the current one, Bacchus.

I like the Katana because it's really well-done and goes with pretty much any warrior outfit. Versatility FTW!

Bacchus has a pose with a cat.
I am a crazy cat lady.
I rest my case.
What’s your all time favorite July Monthly Collectible and why!

User ImageThe Ancient Katana is one of mine and a lot of other peoples all time favorites. It's one of the first collectibles making it superb rare. And it's a katana that is pretty cool. Weapons are cool. Not only that but it also has a cultural influence on us.
Another MC from July that i like is the Black Wolf; cause it's good to use for avatar since it matches with a lot of things.But most MC are cool. surprised
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Shadow Spirit.
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My favorite July MC would be Elegant Veil, cause it has nice poses and since most of my avatars are mainly white and black, I wear it a lot. :3
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My favorite july Mc is Steel-plated Ninja Band because I had just started getting into Naruto around the time I joined Gaia (about 3 years ago) and It still is my main gold goal!!!
Hmm for this year's july collectibles I would say I Bacchus
I love the deep purple colour and I love fruits too xD
For any other year I would say Panda Hat and elegant veil
It's so cute (: and elegant veil is a very pretty collectible
I like the way that the fabric appears on my avatar lol its very realistic(except for the fact that the clothes can defy gravity)
The Panda Hat has GOT to be my fave X3 I borrowed one from a friend for an original avatar entry on my old account and I didn`t want to return it! I love it because I love Pandas, it`s a very cute, unique item and it went with just about everything whee
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                        My favorite July Monthly Collectible would be the Elegant Veil because I love the poses it gives~! It's soo beautiful and it's been on my wishlist for a while!
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I think my favourite July Monthly is the Elegant Veil.

It's simple, it's beautiful, it's versatile
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I particularly like 2007's July Collectible: Enchanted Strings. I love music, and this seemed to incorporate into Gaia. Unfortunately, I wasn't registered back then, so I have to work hard to pay for an inflated price of the gorgeous violin and music notes. biggrin
My favorite all-time jukly monthly collectible is probably the Panda Hat from 2003 because i just love pandas. heart

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