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I like the July 2009 Monthly Collectibles mainly because of the Coi Fish item. The oriental items really tickle my fancy so I was thrilled to be able to turn my avi into a coi fish type creation. biggrin
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My favorite July Collectibles are Enchanted Strings and Panda Hat.
The Enchanted Strings because of the violin, the instrument I always dream of playing IRL, my avi have it instead. whee
And the Panda Hat because I LOVE PANDAS!!! blaugh

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My favorite is the Solar Headdress.
The colors are gorgeous, and it is elegant but also has a nice light and airy feel.
oKitsune Mask
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
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I admire the Koi for it's extreme artistic beauty biggrin
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heart OOOOhhhhh this is gonna be good ^_^
I love 07's Enchanted Strings!
not only is it just beautiful but I personally have been playing the Viola for 11 years now and it's one of the most beautiful instruments ever! it makes me feel pretty and elegant.
not that I'm trying to diss the other instruments in this wonderflly made piece because I love the guitar and the harp as well but the two major things I love are the Violin (becasue its similar to a Viola if you know your instruments) and the G- clef (wing looking things)
super beautiful piece,
now only if we coul have an upright bass and a cello and a big huge harp ^_^
totally not picky about it tho but just future food for thought lol

good job on Enchanted Strings! heart
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My favorite one is Elegant Veil! I checked it out at the collectibles museum and i love it!
It has a lot of nice elements that are matchable to make a nice avi (most of the time i'm feeling like doing cute light colores avis).
I also really love the veil because is like a spanish mantilla. My older sister got married wearing one and i plan to wear one too for my wedding ♥
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JULY 2003 PANDA HAT, I just love that item it's so awesome!!! CUZ PANDAS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! (I'll never get it though cuz I can't buy gaia cash, and booty grab isnt working) but its all good, but if u give me the item id really appreciate it tons cuz i prolly wont ever be able to get a good item in my life. :l
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I have to say that my favorite item among them, for personal reasons, is the Enchanted Strings. It is one item that I can actually remember that was of a musical instrument, aside the Guitars from 2005, that lead the way into the more recent musical instruments that have been introduced in the last year. The item is not high coveted nor is it oustandingly special, plus it is difficult to make a 10/10 avatar with it, but that is beside the point of the item. It is a very classy, modern, and elegant item that just makes itself stand out no matter how you use it.

I am a lover of music, and a band geek, where as the violin is a symbol of classic music, the Cello symbolizes the musical aspects of such a large instrument that can be handled for its wonderful tones and deep basses, whereas the harp can be tracked back to ancient Egypt.

It is not how wonderful it looks or how expensive the item is, it is what it represents and the work that was put into it.

Thank you for this opportunity as well and I wish luck to everyone.
My favorite would have to be the Koi, it has a beautiful background, the tattoo is my favorite pose because it adds so much detail and color to your avatar. The colors that come with all of the poses in the Koi are just really pretty and the item in general was well made and I along with others really enjoy having it available. <3
everyone is saying Koi but its hard not to like it the fish are beautiful and Koi ponds are just really relaxing and calming looking at all of em and there pretty colors it looks so fluid and wild yet calm all at the same time if that makes any lick of sense xp
My favorite July MC is from July 2006... The Ancient Katana
I like this item so much because when ur avii have it, it looks like an Asian fighter and have great great color, of course my favorite Black! mrgreen
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Steel plated ninja headband for sure. Naruto is my favorite anime and it's always just the right accessory on any of my ninja cosplays 3nodding
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My favourite collectible would have to be the Elegant Veil. There are so many wonderful poses...I've actually checked them out on multiple avatars using tektek.org, and even changing my hairstyle (which I do quite often) doesn't render many of the poses unattractive.
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My favorite July MC is Bacchus. I like the 'toga' pose and the laurels. I love the color too. It looks so elegant. The artwork is very well done.

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