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I do like the january 2011 monthly collectible..(nogitsune,ascended demon).. Because of the nine tail...i do like to copy the nine tail fox demon of naruto... So nogitsune is perfect for it...if i do have more money, i want to buy one.....
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Definatly the new Nogitsune, I love the red mask and the robes, AND the tailes, the all look so cool, Lol i bought 2 cos I like them xD
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What’s your all time favorite January Monthly Collectible and why?

- My all time favorite January MC? It has to be Gift of the Goddess. I can't get enough of myths and the fantasy aspect of Gaia items. Gift of the Goddess was also my first MC. There's no way I can give up on it. There's too much sentimental value instilled in this byte-size masterpiece.

I use Athena's Shoes and Kaguya's Robes the most. Those two are definitely my favorite sets in the item. The shoes are really cute with its little wings and the robes are just magnificent. I love how the robes flows around the avatar, plus it goes with my Kokeshi kimono.
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I would go with the popular Nogitsune . I can bet it will be a high ticket item in the market place in the future rolleyes cool
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My favorite January mc is Assassin's Guise.
I really enjoy that item, and I use it in many of my outfits, it's so dark. =)
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It's between Gift of the Goddess and The Order of Atlantis but there is a bit of a bias since I am a male. I still choose Gift of the Goddess.
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Hmmm, I guess the Ascended Demon. From this year.
It's cute, it has a leather lady gaga thing going on with the belted outfit.
Along with a white demon tail and the white horns.
Everything dark but in a light..
But there is always a reason i guess you need =3
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ummmm i would have to say the layla because i loved the style of it!
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My Favorite January items are:

1. gift of the goddess- one can compliment different themes with it and also the colors help too.
2. Masterpiece - I specially love to used the skin of David, D'arc & the matle, also pretty good to used with matching and doing themes on the avatars.
3. and the last one and new one Ascended Demon - I must say myself that i have been waiting for a set of white horn and devil tail to appear, since at times one whishes to use another color beside black and red for a devil tail. <3
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I'ce always really liked Enchanted Strings.

Woops that wasn't from January.

Probably Masterpieces.
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I like Gift of the Goddess, mostly for the Egyptian pieces. It's very hard to find anything that is even halfway authentically Egyptian, and I adore ancient Egypt... as you can probably tell from my avatar. :3
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i love the chain wallet even though it costs oh so much just for a cool looking wallet :3
Hello, I am the Darnelby, and my favorite January MC was Layla. Layla is bright, pink, and happy! I especially admire the pile of pillows, which grabbed my attention the first time seeing it. The embroidered shawl also raised its potential for me, and the cute bush of flowers. It can go with some of the sweetest avitars!!! Heres a tektek of one!

User Image

I like its name as well....... Layla .......It has a certain ring to it.
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I love Ascended Demon and Nogitsune. Nogitsune is probably my favourite out of the two. But, still both are REALLY amazing. Too bad I can't afford them. sweatdrop
The Ascended Demon. It looks so cool, a white devil tail. It's like a "good" and "bad" item at the same time. A heavenly color, yet pure evil. It also fits in my color scheme from my character too. My character is white and black, and the tail would match the color of my character.

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