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I have to say that my fave is >_< Ah it's hard to say!! I love bags so the Emo Bag's right up my alley, but this months MCs are to DIE FOR!!!! I especially adore the horns & wings. The Nogitsune is also really cool & great for Naruto fans. ^_^ Just not my cup a tea.
I made up my mind, this month's MCs are my faves hands down!!!
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Majnun is my favorite January MC. It's so... swishy. It's got a great energetic movement in the wraps. And the story is so bittersweet; Derek and the Domino's "Layla" is based on the same story (besides the George/Patty/Eric triangle...)
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for me definitely last years, layla.
the white/grey and pink everything goes so well with my avatar lol, but if i didn'd have this avi the girt of the goddess was my absolute favorite!
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My favorite MC is the Gothic Veil, because it is a beautiful set. My favorite combination with it is the Scarf and the Corset Dress. heart 4laugh
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I quite like Majnun. I liked the Passionate Poetry pose xd
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Ascended Demon is my favorite because I like the idea of taking a generally pure color such as white and making a demon item out of it. 4laugh
January 2007 Gift of the Goddess because it was the first monthly collectible i bought from months of saving, fishing, selling and games @_@
good times
Hmm, Favorite January MC?

I'd have to saaaaayyyy

The Newest one, Ascended Demon

Because it's so darn sexy >w<~

It has a lot of awesome poses as well [Loooove the Tail]
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Myself, I've always loved Assassin's Guise. It's just so dark and I've always loved it since it came out originally. It makes me feel so nostalgic just thinking about it, when I first came on here.
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Defintly the chain wallet. It's so pretty and stylish and it looks good with almost anything.
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My favorite is without a single doubt in my mind... Nogitsune.! It consists of my two favorite colors in the entire world which are red and black. It could also go along very well with my current avatar and any I could make mostly. It's just perfect for me, calling out my name.!
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My favorite Jan collectable is this years collectable. I like the theme of it, foxy black and red. I love reds and blacks so why not add a red/black fox to my collection. This item would be used to complete my ultimate dream avatar.
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My favourite January MC is...this year's! I love the Ascended Demon, with its belty-ness and those cute little wings; I've been wanting white horns foreverrrrrr~
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Nogitsune would have to be my favorite. I love foxes, they're my all time favorite animal, plus, I'm OBSESSED with the color red wink
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I really like the masterpieces item. I love how it incorporates famous works of art into avatar clothing.

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