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I would have to say the heart Gift of the Goddess! heart It has such wonderful items to choose and I love the Egyptian styled ones a lot ^^ For me it seems to be the one monthly collectible where almost anyone can find something to wear 3nodding
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Ascended Demon = It's all about the tail. What it can do and where it can possible go. whee
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I am torn between the 2010 Layla, and the 2008 Masterpieces because both have amazing items within, but I REALLY like the scarf in both of them. And the Cherry blossom tree in Layla.
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It's kind of a tie between the Ascended Demon, Masterpieces, and Majnun.
I'm a Sucker for art and Poetry so of course Masterpieces and Majnun are obvious choices for favs with me.
But when it comes to the ascended Demon, It's really just a matter of the fact of how unbelievably awesome it is. I mean, how often does one see a White Demon? I've heard of the devil's little angel, but God's little demon? that's just so hardcore! xD
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I think my favorite would have to be the Chail Wallet because it is something that is simple but can be used with many different outfits and it also reminds me of my own chain wallet.
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Gift of the Goddess, the Athena items on this one are really pretty.
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I've always had a soft spot for the Demonic Pendant. I joined in January 05 and it was one of the first MCs I owned.
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Nogitsune because it looks cool. :3
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My favourite January MC must be Order of Atlantis. It has everything a warior freak like me would like to have. A badass helmet, some hardcore protection armor, a spear that can fight off the tughest oponents and style that can hardly be mached. It also inspires me to look up Atlantis every time it crosses my way and learn something new and awesome. The sad thing is I had 2 od them 2 years ago and after that I went offline for a looong time (too long if you ask me) and its price rose tremendously. Even so it is like Barney Stinson. AWESOME
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Definitely Masterpieces because it fits my love for old Renaissance art just fine and dandy.
i love this months nogitsune (i think its spelled) it looks so cool ^^ and its a ninetails got to love it ^^ heart heart heart heart heart blaugh blaugh heart 4laugh
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Demonic Pendant

The first Item I saw was the Demonic pendant. Thats what motivated me to stay in gaia and get it ^^
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My favorite January MC would probably be Assassin's Guise. Mostly because it's the only January MC I own (for shame, for shame), but also because it can fit in a lot of outfits that I tend to use. Even though black is not my favorite color, I end up using it all the damn time. neutral
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My favorite is assassin's guise, because it's got that huge gun (executioner), and I love the protection top! Stylish, black, and deadly!

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