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I would have to say my all time favorite January Collectible is the gift of the goddess from 2007. There are so many different things you can use it for and it is very versatile. It is so majestic, elegant and royal. <3
i love the Nogitsune. because the colors just kinda pop out at you and say "hello im here" well thats what it says to me anyway lol also because the tails are really cool!!!
What’s your all time favorite January Monthly Collectible and why!

Well, my favorite january collectible just have to be Layla, with the cute flowy dress and ofcourse the hooded cowl. I've lost count on how many pink/silverish avatars i've used it in and I still can't stop using it in my tekteks.

Then again, as I made a new account I sold it away with all my other items, and kinda regretting it now.
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My favorite January Monthly Collectible? Probably Ascended Demon.
I'm a huge fan of white look and it makes me giddy to know it's got a pose that's TOTALLY Fifth Element. I love that movie and I love the belted outfit and also. A 'holy' type of demon? Heck yes!
I probably entered too late though, bloody time zones... Sweden, I hate you sometimes... At other times, I love you, 'cause we've got polarbears!
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My favorite January MC would have to be between Layla & Majnun. I love the way they complement one another.
My favorite January MC would have to be between Layla & Majnun. I love the way they complement one another.

Rather true actually.
They're lovely together, me and my boyfriend used to wear them together 4laugh
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Mmm,it's a really hard choice because it's between the Masterpiece or the Emo Bag.But I would probably say the Emo bag is my favorite January MC.And the reason why is because it's a trendy euro-chic looking bag.It's the bag I want in actuallity.It's bohemian and familiar.It look like it's reliable and can hold all of your essentials. smile
At first I wanted to say the "Emo Bag" since it was my first bought collectible from when I joined, but then I thought that "naah", I like layla better for all the good memories I have with it and how I just can't stop designing avatars with it.
Huck Gee

Best. ********. Argument. Ever.
scream heart
No rules that say that I can't keep posting in here. c:
ascended demon, definitely!
Trouserless Horticulture
ascended demon, definitely!

It's really cute, but I just can't fit in tails into any of my avatars.
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My favorite january monthly collectible is jan 2004.
Reason is that even tho i didnt buy it back then it was because of the popularity of that collectible that ive been buying a heck of a lot of them since.

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