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I absolutely love the Nogitsune. Why, you ask? Because it has an awesome necklace(the prayer beads), bad a** kimono that looks good on anyone, the mask(which no one can never see who you are behind it...), and the tails are GORGEOUS. The tails just reel you in with it's beauty and red.
Also, the bright red the Nogitsune is just catches your eye. It can easily catch your eye and wrap your mind with curiosity.
definetley the nogitsune because it helped me create a monster avi i wanted to make.
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Dangerous Lover

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It's my first MC
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Kitsune Mask. Classic design and looks great with my avatar, always.
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Wheezing Raider

My favorite all time January mc is the Emo Bag. It adds a nice little accent to outfits. :3
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Romantic Lover

Nogitsune, definitely, because the the colors blend well and the theme is elegant. It's not too gaudy and yet it isn't too quiet. And it was the perfect item to release another "nine tails" pose with.
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IRL Fairy

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I love Layla. It's so pretty and feminine. I throw it on and automatically feel girly yet confident. It's the perfect accessory to any outfit.
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Gracious Lunatic

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The 2011 January MC, the Ascended Demon. It screams "Classic Gaia" back when it was Go Gaia and the demon horn and devil tail where brand spanking new. These two items are STILL a must have items! cool
This 2011 Jan MC, the Ascended Demon, has the horns and the tail and few extras that are pretty darn neat too! I love it. It rocks.
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My favourite January MC has been Gift of the Goddess. As a former student of mythology, I was interested that I could actually recognize the stories behind most of the poses.
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Magnetic Sex Symbol

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Deeeefffff Gift of the Goddess! Love love love all of the different things you can wear!
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Witty Fatcat

I would have to say the Emo bag is my all time favorite January Monthly collectible. The reason the Emo Bag is my favorite is because it was one of the first stylish gray items. Not to mention that gray is my favorite shade/color ever. If you really think about it, gray encompasses the whole truth of the world; the good and the bad. Plus the emo look is a style that I have always liked.
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Devout Mage

The Jan 2005 letter contains the Demonic Pendant which is the best Jan monthly collectible item!
This item is perfect for those who want to make a fantastic dark themed avatar. The pendants glowing red pose is the reason its my favorite.
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because I love Kitsunes and Yokos and anything to do with them

(Kitsune=fox Yoko=demon fox)
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I would have to say either the emo bag or this month's Nogitsune. Love the red and black theme to it and the mask is one I have been searching for. ninja
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THAT'S a hard choice, but I will say the Assassin's Guise for the Jan. 2008 the most. I LOVE how it has a dark feeling coat covering my head like I have a tragic past and a long pointy gun with me at all time. It match my avatar mostly with my fave white or blue or black hair with my black cane.

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