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I heart The Lusty Scoundrel from August 2008 the best because of the beautiful sunset background you can put on your avatar. It looks like something my mom would paint (she's an amazing artist, so that was meant as a compliment).
Winged Anklets are an icon, and by far the best looking August MCs ever made.
My favourite of the August MC's is the Portable Stereo Headphones 'cause...they're headphones! I really wish there were more headphones made like them.
Id say the Golden Laurels. I love things that are Romany. Its a great time and this is just one of those pieces that really adds to any outfit biggrin
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i want august 2004 XD i want Golden Laurels XD
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I beleive that the best Aug. MC is the Summoning Tome. The reason why I beleive this is that the Summoning Tome has both male and female oriented items, the cute frog and the ...uh "less adorible" version. Also having the two different color combos, white/blue/gold and black/red/silver matches a lot of Gaian's favorite color combinations!
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Isn't it obvious? The ports of 2003 are probably the best headphones ever made. heart dramallama

I really like the Nightmare Sash. Big fan of spooky or dark items and it goes well with a lot of other dark items.
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My favourite Au8gust Monthly Collectable is the Whip of ice, because my favourite element thingy >.>;; is ice, and i just love whips ;D
Listen here, slut...



I want them. Really badly. They're all shiny and amazing. Best MC for August, no doubt. '04 baby!

Did I mention that my birthday is August 24th?? 8D Present please?? heart

...I love you <3
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Definitely August 2007: summoning tome and plasma gear.
i love the lightsaber from plasma gear, and summoning tome is probably the coolest-looking book on gaia to date.
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My favorite August MC is the Gwee the Dragon from 2006. It's just an adorable item, first of all. It has so many poses so Gwee can be cutely asleep or angry and blowing fire or just flying next to your avi or being cutely held like a sleepy little gwee. I also really like dragons so he stuck out to me. The Gwee was one of the first items I succeeded in questing so it holds a special place in my heart. I really love the color green, so he could even fit into that avi along with my fire one. If I had the gold to make an all gwee avi I probably would, using a kimono so my avi wouldn't be in her undergarments. I've also frequently had dreams of running through a flowery field with my Gwee, not a care in the world... -coughs- You didn't need to hear that though. sweatdrop

But most definitely, it is my favorite August MC. It's also one of my favorite items in all, competing with the fallen wish which I truly love. Now, I must go change my avi to add in my little Gwee, because I feel bad that he's not with me right now.
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By far the Nitemare Sash has been my fave August Monthly Collectible item. I may have missed out on the Nitemare Scarf but getting the sash has greatly helped me create dark themed avis and look raw and menacing, too! There is just something about it looking like it defies gravity and it tells people not to mess with my avi. If I enter an avi contest I always consider using the sash as part of the outfit.

I like the light and dark themed items! Keep them coming and thanks for all your hard work! I appreciate the Gaia website and the Gaia community!
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I guess I would have to say the plasma gear was my favorite august collectible. The reason was because it gave you something that looked like a light saber, and because the neon visor was cool looking.

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