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I had a hard time chosing a favourite item, but in the end I think this honour would go to the Winged Anklets. They're one of the prettiest collectibles and pretty much go with any avatar that has a gold theme. They're one of the iconic Gaian items, too.

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the Ancient Katana, because eventhough, i never had one, i feel like it a goal of mine to get one, and it how the katana is position with the avt,
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the july one because its my birthmonth and it looks good on me smile
Mine is the Nightmare Crown. It shows off the power of darkness in a symplistic design. And the Glowing Circlet is just epic.
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Nightmare Sash. But all the light/dark items are collectible to me.
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August 03's. They're stylishly smexy and totally worth their price. o_o so expensive... I want the 03s D:<
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What is your all time favorite August Monthly Collectible and why?
I like August 2004, because on the laurels, it has a shine effect that most of my friends enjoy! and the winged anklets were the first anklets that came out in Gaia and would perfectly with an angelic avatar! Also, These items on an avatar look beautiful together!(: ThankYOU!~~~
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Nitemare Sash Because I love the ways to use it and as its black It goes well with pretty well everything and can be easily fit together
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Golden Laurels.
They're my favourite because a good friend gave me their pair when they left gaia, so they always remind me of her. They were the first very shiny item I had, and great fun to dress around.

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              The Uncanny Form from last year's August letter.
              I'm a huge fan of the tattoos and different skins offered on Gaia, and I think those are some of the more fun skins. Honestly, I'd love to see more "skin-art" for our avatars.

My favourite is the August 2004 collectable - winged anklets. No other reason than I use them most out of all the August collectables I have.
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Definitly the '07 Summoning Tome. It had a lot of different forms, and is a pretty flexible item if you are going for themed avis. It has a little of everything - 2 versions, different positions, and animal transfomations and companions.
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The Lusty Scoundrel, because my mother use to read a bunch of books like this and every time I see it I'm reminded of good memories.
All these stupid silly songs keep trying to catch your ear

I've always personally liked August MC's. Maybe because my birthday is in August. Or maybe because they're cool, I guess it depends. xD

But my FAVORITE would have to be... Mmm, this is tricky. xD I'm gonna have to say...

Golden Laurels.

Yeah, yeah, I know. But I always liked Greek myths or anything that made me think about it. And when I saw the laurels, I wanted them. But they've just inflated too much and aren't worth it now a days. And even though it's a simple item with only 2 poses, it's really popular. And in the same month was anklets, which remind me of the same thing as well.

So that's my answer.

Though this month's is nice! A solar sash to match the nightmare one before. And I suppose a Solar crown will come out in a few months? Can't wait. :3

I'm trying desperately, it's just so hard to persevere
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Gwee the Dragon! The behind my head pose gives the most awesome head wings ever heart heart heart I used to wear it all the time with my old outfits. I drew my avatar with those wings in place of ears. whee

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