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The summoning tome! biggrin

With a wicked book for evil casting or a headcrown of a black bird, it made me feel like a magey badass! >D
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I agree with the summoning tome but you can be a angelic paladin mage and it just goes with the arch angel sword
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Angelic Microphone from 2006
I love music ^^ especially singing
i enjoy singing infront of everyone and making them happy
I love the Golden Laurels!! heart
It's really pretty and makes any avi look awesome 3nodding
It's my favorite August MC~ 4laugh
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ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY the Golden Laurels!! They're just beautiful, I wish I had one. Make me look like a Roman Goddess or something, I don't care what it makes me look like they look freaking awesome!!
anything that is demonic or angelic rofl rofl rofl
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Summoning Tome - I like the white and black dragon; if I had 2, I'd probably use both poses together. It has a very mystical aspect to it, and can be worked into a ninja-themed story.
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my favorite august item is the lusty scoundrel.
it has some great sex appeal items and was one of my first quest items.
i dont think i'd ever sell mine! >D

the Nitemare Sash. 3nodding it came out last year and started a storm of controversy about old MC "remakes."
though based on the old angelic sash, it's entirely different by having it's own uniqueness of a little wing though some users scorn it's addition. it made for a good investment and remains to be one of the higher valued/priced MC from 2009. personally, i enjoyed the fact that new users than the 'oldies' can have a chance, a fragment of an example from the old Gaia.
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Gwee the Dragon! heart

-one of the last to be called a Donation Item 3nodding
-cute AND original that it became a classic next to kiki and coco compared to bani
-in towns, it could fly, the wings would flap, one of the original 'animated' items imo 3nodding
-it could breathe fire

XD it's so fluffy i'm going to die!! [lol, not rlly fluffy though sweatdrop
it's personality always reminded me of that animated Scooby Doo movie [of only Shaggy and Scooby teaching daughters of Halloween classics, the 'pet' dragon w/ the bad attitude XD]
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Would most definatly have to be the demon bow, have been a member since april 2005 and the demonic items have always kept my interest, but the demon bow was the 1st item I truely desired and quested my arse off to get...

I do collect demonic and nitemare items though, they are my fave side to gaia.
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I must say my favourite August MC Collectible must be from last year.
'Uncanny Form'


-it has a great camouflage skin xD, if someone wants to hide and scare other Gaians in the World they just put it on

-the porcelain skin is very Gothic

- I have never seen a better looking rainbow skin

- it is unique and well pixelated

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Winged Anklets, there's hardly any items for that slot. Plus, I like them! biggrin
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Winged Anklets, i just love white stuff with wing 4laugh
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for me the most favorite August MC of all time is the
The Lusty Scoundrel

because it can make your skin shining and shimmering
and also it makes you so hot
it was also a very ROMANTIC item of all
it has also a lovely sunset that can make a background
and i love the portrait of passion on the lusty scoundrel

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