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My favorite August MC is the Summoning Tome because I like the black and white dragons, it has both light and darkness, the owls are cute, and it is the perfect accessory to complete my avatar.
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Summoning Tome - The Black Dragon goes really well with my theme - and if I had 2, I'd probably replace my 'spell book' with it as well.
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one of my favorite august mcs is the whip of fire. it's something i'm maintaining right now on my boo avi after all xd not only does it match my fascination with fire, it's also one of my favored weapon types 3nodding
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summoning tom because it matches my avi and is good or bad also tho sash cause ell they're downright awesomee
My favorite August collectible is the Summoning Tome. I like how it has white and black versions of the dragon and the tome, both of which are very nice. The poe on head is also a cool pose.
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Winged Anklets, because they're rather versatile and one of the few anklet type items Gaia has.
The Golden Laurels because i feel like a KING when my avie is wearing it. 4laugh
My favorite Auugust MC is Uncanny Form, because with that, I will be able to unleash my ultimate randomness and make all my friends go crazy with annoyance. It's funny when that happens.
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My favorite august MC is 2009 uncanny form. It simply is epic! It has so much variety, i can make my avi look like a broken doll or ice gueen and if i wanna hide i can use camouflage skin. I love it smile
DJ studio headphones..they look great on any avatar...and it makes you look 10x cooler biggrin
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the crown beacuse it looks awesome
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My favorite August MC was Gwee the dragon. It's an unique pet item that I felt was well made smile
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I love the Nitemare crown because it (like all items though), is able to turn itself into awesome crowns/tiaras. Yeah, I know I won't get picked cuz someone's going to write some amazing story about the Solar Sash or something. xp
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My favourite August Monthly Collectible is the Nitemare Sash from 2009. It is a very well-designed and unique looking item. It compliments the other Nitemare items perfectly. In my opinion, it is the best collectible of 2009.
Anything angelic and the reason why is I don't know just think white and fully looks good lol heart

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