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summoning tome because of the dragons biggrin
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I like the Sash alot it can help you out with a white or an angelic look.
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My personal favorite in the Uncanny Form from lat year, I love different skins and the camo skin and rainbow one were amazing!
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For me it would have to be Gwee the Dragon! I like to collect animal items, and Gwee is adorable! It's just a shame it was released before "I am" poses. Running around towns as a Gwee would be fun.
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Wheezing Raider

The Golden Laurels are my favorite August MC ever. I love them because they're gold, and are easy to work in to outfits. Plus they were one of my first MC's that I donated for.
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momo monkey.
It gave me somethin to kick.
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I want to say August of 2004, the Winged Anklets because it's one of the "old school" items that defines Gaia biggrin But, I wasn't a member of Gaia at that time so I have to say honestly it was Gwee the Dragon of August 2006, because I love dragons, and pets, and Gwee is so cute!
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Dapper Sex Symbol

The Nightmare Sash, Summoning Tome or Gwee The Dragon. The many poses for the items and how they look give them a lovely appeal and they can be used to create so many tremendous looking avatars. They are overall all lovely items.
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nitemare crown is better beceause of the fact that its more dark and you can tell the devlopers put alot of work in to the Collectibles and made two great items but the nightmore crown is better looking.
I like Gwee The Dragon because he's the best and only dragon on gaia. Plus he's a dragon who doesn't like dragons. Like another said he is a good companion. I like it but i dont have one but i wish i could.
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August 2004 with the Golden Laurels and Winged Anklets.
When I first started collecting the MCs on Gaia, my friend gave me both of them to start out my collection. They've become a very important part of my collection, and two of my absolute most favorite items.
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Crown, cuz it fits me perfect.
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I wanna be praised from a New Perspective
But leaving now would be a good idea

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Whip of Fire because it made my avi look powerful, dominant and sexy!User Image

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So catch me up I'm getting out of here
heart Can we fast-forward till you go down on me? heart

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I like the August 2010 collectible and i want one because of it's angelic qualities. I really like things that are white and pure. ^_^ especially the solar sash. it's so elegant smile heart

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