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My favourite would be the 2004 Collectibles; the Winged Anklets.
I've been wanting them for ages now because the colours fit so nicely with a lot of my inventory. Plus it symbolises Hermes the Greek messenger God and I love the Greek mythology <3
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I actually have two favorite august monthley collectables that are both equally as awesome. The first one is august 2008's Lusty Scoundrel because i love the hair it comes with. That rich red sexy flowing hair with the pretty little roses in it is so hot (and it would look great on my avi).
My other favorite monthly collectable is 2006's Gwee the Dragon. He is UUBBEERR cute heart and cuddly and he's practicly a Gaia iconic symbol. 3nodding mrgreen dramallama
I friggin LOVE Summoning Tome, since it works with the popular angelic and demonic themes. There's something special in the image of a great wizard (good or evil) holding a great tome and reading aloud from it, conjuring great and powerful dragons, wheeling around each other like yin and yang...and you captured that essence perfectly. (The frog and toad are a nice little bonus too!)
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I'd have to say 2009's Uncanny Form because I'm a fan of different "skin types" and such and for me, the Uncanny Form is a whole bundle of joy.
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nitemare sash cause it looks EPIC and it was my first MC
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My favorite August MC would be the Golden Laurels. Although there are other types of laurels the Golden laurels are the original and in my opinion the best.
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the winged anklets: i love anklets, and the fact that these have wings just make everything better. also the angelic anklets are just so sweet and regal.
It will have to be The Nightmare Shash because its so cool and dark and it fits me totally!
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The nitemare sash is definitely high up on my favorites. Why? Because it matches with all of my darker outfit choices. :3
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I like the 2007's MC collectibles, they're really cool. Plasma gear makes you have wings and the summoning tome makes you become a frog.
The Lusty Scoundrel! Where else can you get that awesome, sexy oiled skin? Or that passionate artist's-brushstroke sunset? It's super-popular with Gaians for a reason! It'll make any avi smoulder with a hint of lusty romance!
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My Favorite 2 August MC's Are The DJ Studio Headphones, And The Nightmare Sash, The Headphones, Because They Are The Only Proper Looking Headphones In The Game In My Opinnion , And The Nitemare Sash, Because Its So Versatile, Can Be Use For All Types Of Avi, Dark, Rocker, Warrior, Even A Light Char Can Look Good With It On =]
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this month's nitemare crown is my favorite. i have just started last month, and when i looked through the collections to see what gaia made in the past i never saw anything i liked more than the crown. i like darker colors, and the crown goes well with a lot of the clothes i have. it also shows regality, which anyone would love! blaugh
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Ah, tight month to spend ca$h on Gaia gear, but I did enjoy the pistols. They look very nice in a General's Glass Case, war room kind of way smile
My favourite August collectible would probably have to be the 2004 Golden Laurels, just because they are so iconic of the monthly collectibles. I also really like the August 2004 Winged Anklets because they're so lovely =D

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