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My favorite would have to be this year's solar sash, because of its awesome designs and the way it compliments any yellow-colored outfit.
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Mochithe puppy! Cause it reminds me of my dog plushie!
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My Favorite s the Nitemare Crown. smile
my favorite monthly collectible was the Sword of Aegis (Stone Gaze). it's my favorite because that was the first and only monthly collectible i got in my first account before i forgot my pass word. and it brings back memories... :'D
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2009 Nitemare sash. It was the first MC i bought so it got me into buying more...also I like that you can wear it different ways.Its black so it looks good with darker avi's and some ligher ones..It's an all around good MC in my opinion.
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( My favorite would be The Lusty Scoundrel because of the heated breath, glistning skin, and the wind-blown tresses. Its like your avi was put into a romance novel~ <3 )
( >///< )
( v///v )
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August 2007: Summoning Tome
cause i like the dragonz xd and the good/evil side....
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Nitemare crown becuz it has a bold evil look for any dark avatar occasion
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Nitemare Sash has to be my favorite August MC... It has so many applications, and just looks bad-a$$!
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it's a tie between gwee and uncanny form,gwee cuz he's an awesome accessory / companion to have with many outfits, and uncanny formcuz i love any itemwith multiple skins, eyes or hairs to choose from and mix and match with everything
well , old stuff are the best smile
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My favorite would have to be the Summoning Tome. I chose it because it has a good and evil side to it. If I want to make an Angelic like avatar it has poses i can use for that. The same thing goes for a Demonic avatar. Or if i want to be a completely random frog i can do that to.
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the new one final reign its soo cool mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen
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My Favorite August Monthly Collectible Would Have to Be DJ Studio Headphones because i definitely love Music <3
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the new one final reign its soo cool mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen

thats a R.I.G. not a MC sweatdrop

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