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My all time favorite October Monthly Collectible is the October Monthly Collectible of 2005. Which is the Wind Security Blanket. I really like the story of the Wind Security Blanket, "The son of the Wind God, Kaze, was once given a blanket by his father in order to protect him from the wild. He carried this blanket with him everywhere he went until he was old enough to fend for himself." I like how the son of the Wind God, Kaze was given this blanket by his father and it protected him from the wild. I think it is cute how he carried the blanket with him everywhere he went until he was old enough to defend himself.
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I just like it! heart xp
Ghastly instruments, definitely! ^_^
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Kong Sang Scarf because it is just soooo coooool
Coco kitty.

I have dreams about it....

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My favorite MC is Ghastly instruments, it's awesome ^^
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I especially liked the Kong Scarf from 2008. It is a great color and the different shapes it takes give you such a nice range of effects. It is great for accessorizing lots of different outfits and giving them a special flare. Great design job! biggrin
A CoCo Kitty Plushie. It was adorable! It was also my first MC ever. ;=;
the grunny of course geen bunny smile
Ghastly Instruments ftw
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Coco Kitty, by far. I love black cats. Coco Kitty was also one of the first kitties I knew about, and I spent many long hours trying to raise money for one. ^.^
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I've never really been able to afford any specialty limited time item here on Gaia, but i really like the creativity and graphics that goes into each item. I really like how every month there's something new to try. I don't think there was a collectible that i've seen and didn't like. yum_puddi
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can i have it?
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The first monthly collectable Item I got was the golden laurels. Everyone had them, they were pretty cool, being a victor smile the site has changed lots over the years, along with my accounts.
never had an Oct. MC.

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