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Coco kitty is my favorite. It was the very first item I quested. I finally got it awhile ago. :'))
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Coco Kitty. cat_ninja
The sneaky dark little counter part to the Kiki Kitty. Such a cute item and it basically went to every avi I made. Before I was hacked, I nicknamed mines Noir since the name fit so perfectly for it.
Well that's my item pick for the month of October. cat_sweatdrop
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The kong sang scarf, I mean, it's amazing how they took an item that normally would be black and turn it blue! it has everything even if I want to look girly like the bow, also, was my very first item along with the Dreamer's dust that was gifted to me to the gaian who invited me... and she isn't even playing anymore crying
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    I loved the Gothic Veil...it was (i think) the first MC I ever purchased.
    Honestly, it was just so cute and dark with the bows on my avi's head.
    I think I'm going to go buy it now.
    Excuse me.
Most definitely Coco. I have a few others, but Coco is on top. ^_^
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October 2003 monthly letter. The one with the devil's tail. It was my very first "DI" lol. Before they became monthly collectibles. It is a very memorable item. I know I'm too late for the contest, I just wanted to put it out there.
Coco Kitty Plushie! It's adorable and a classic.
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my favorite monthly collectible is October 2003, because I love Devil Tail! I've always wanted it but it's super expensive.
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I really love the Will-o-the-Wisp because this collectible is so cool ! The title is so fun to say , haha ! WILL -O -THE-WISP ! :O This was the October 2009 collectible and can be used in many creative ways. It can be worn as a lovely glowing cloak, with a dark outfit so it stands out and gives it a mysterious look . It has a cool hairstyle which is slicked back at the top; with a nice silvery blue colour. You can wear the wispy spirit tail which replaces your legs , making you look like a ghost! It also has orbs of light that dance around you in the dark ! This item is really great for accenting your look ; and can be used with so many other items ! To make this item EVEN MORE lovable , you can BE the ghost (which looks SO cute) and hang around with your friends ! You can create many looks as well , like , you can be a creepy or scary ghost with blood or scars, or you can be a half human or ghost, and you can be a mysterious stalker or child . With the cloak, you can even be a SNOW FAIRY! This item really stimulates my imagination, and is easy to use with many different outfits. I hope others enjoy this item too. I really prefer doing the spooky look ! (: <3 ~ WILL-O-THE-WISP ~ haha.. (: It's also not VERY expensive ; quite affordable. (:

~ c0rrosion.<3
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Coco kitty; I think it was the first MC I ever purchased for around 8000 gold (which was a lot for me at the time! ) I still have my kitty and now he's worth a lot more ! 4laugh
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coco kitty . i like it because i always wanted it from since my friend showed me it
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I liked the Bloody Mary collection, cause it had such a unique spin to all the old Gaiaians (?). =D xd
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Hilarious Gaian

I would like the devil tail though i never got a monthly collectible before

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