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It HAS to be October 2003
I am questing Angelic Sash and it is by far one of my favorite items! It just looks beautiful along with all of my tektek avatars~
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My favourite october monthly collectible has to be the Black Widow from 2011, because its perfect to dress up as a Drow, and as an all time favourite of that race its just... heart

I had to check through the museum because i'd left Gaia for 3 or 4 years... ^^'
      Coco Kitty Plushie. It was the first non-store item I ever saved up for. Plus, it's adorable. 4laugh
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Black Widow
it's my favorite item, you can use it for anything related to horror. I also love the artwork in the museum that they gave to the item xD
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My favorite past Oct Mc is the Coco kitty plushie
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My favorite all time Gaia online October MC is Mournful Wail. I love how detailed the emotionacons are for the eyes, as well as the detail in the ghost themed gown and hair. I'm not exactly an expert on the item, so I don't know the name of every item included in that MC. But the traveler/ ghost hunter themed outfit with the brown equipment bag, as well as a large butcher's knife caught my attention for ghastly instruments. The male hair style is a must, with a bloody red transitioning into a sharp, snow white color. Here's a reference image:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I know you know your items and understand what I'm saying ((or if you don't, I guess that I didn't)) but I'm guessing a reference image might help biggrin Anwho, lovely items :3
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Mournful Wail, October 2012.

Gorgeous hair. Creepy awesome background.
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I can't say because I have just joined recently and I haven't seen them. But I hope to get some soon. heart
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Mwee, it was one of the first MC's I decided to buy cause I thought it was so cute.
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Grunny > biggrin All the wayyy! It's so connected to Gaia and I kind of always wanted one, I love bunnies <3
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My favorite October monthly collectible is the Shadow Spirit.
I've been a member of Gaia since April of 2006, and
the Shadow Spirit was one of my first ever MC's that I was able to buy.
So, along with it being super cute yet scary too, it's also really nostalgic for
me as a member of GaiaOnline. <3
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Coco kitty was my favorite October MC of all time.
When I first raised enough gold for it, I had one of those
happy seizures in which i couldn't control my happiness in.
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My favourite October MC is 2004's Staff of The Angels. It was one of my first ever MCs and I love how elegant it is.
The Coco <3 Only because it was something when i first started and couldnt get
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Giggity, GRUNNY of course! biggrin That's m'favorite one! You get to pose into a Grunny, and if they had a "I am" pose for the Prunny, I'd be even MORE amazed!! *hint hint*


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