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Avatar name: Zill82

I think it is a cool place to eat and it looks in really good. I love ramen.
My 2 favourite things are anime and noodles. Both put together it is 3x the awesomeness.
I really love noodles and I am a huge anime fan. I hope u pick me DJ Helsing. exclaim ninja

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Too bad you can only comment via Facebook. Thanks for the contest, but I only use FB to keep in touch with friends and family.
i won 127 gold biggrin
I hate you.
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Oh Em Gee Bro
Oh Em Gee Bro
Oh Em Gee Bro
:3 sure.

is that siggy really what you look like?

Yup :3

Your a ginger! We can be ginger friends! biggrin

cat_whee woohoo!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
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My name is x-iloveyhuu (:
I like it because it is anime && it has alot of art stuff (: i like the way it is, to be honest that is better than alll the other ones i have seen (:
It gives you that Wow, Oooo && ahhh feeling (:
Another contest heart AWESOME!!!!!
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wat!!!!! i wanna win
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ooooh i hope i win this time 4laugh
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Yay!! A contest! I always lose emo but I will try razz
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hope i do win
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I am DarkSkeletonX and Kalamari Kastle has got to be the best place in the world with anime and my favorite food ramen

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