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I don't think I am allowed to enter. razz
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I wish I could hold my own contests. Dude it'd be awesome. haha
Probably not going to enter the contest on the grounds that it requires you to either:

A) Make an account on another site, which I have no intention of doing
B) Use your Facebook account, which will link your name to your Gaia account.

I'm not a big fan of broadcasting my name across the internet, so I'll pass.
I love this contest because it gives u a chance to win 100,000 gold with no catch or trick!!!!!!!
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yay for 2012! cat_biggrin

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This is pretty interesting xD I have never heard of Kalamari Kastle ever till I saw this lol. It looks sweet I might get the game for DS and see how the story and game is this will be perhapes my favorite thing now smile I don't care if I get the 100K lol if I don't win, I can still get the game smile
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biggrin biggrin this idea was brilliant biggrin biggrin thank you heart
I love Gaia
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WOW, i wish i could go to visit Las Vegas now! sad i want ramen too!! *sneak enter the anime restaurant* <..< here i goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cat_scream - WHERE MY RAMEN--- stare erm... and where's my anime cosplayer????? (e.o)

( ´ ▽ ` )~ heart teehee now i'm hungry for real.....

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Oh Em Gee Bro
:3 sure.

is that siggy really what you look like?
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The wordpress login that is required says i do not exist on there, but i do on their website
ANOTHER CONTEST. i need money...

graphittiking rolled 5 4-sided dice: 3, 2, 3, 2, 1 Total: 11 (5-20)

black history month iz next month im so excited xd
Oh Em Gee Bro
:3 sure.

is that siggy really what you look like?

Yup :3

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