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think everybody wants them but only 1 can get them sweatdrop i think i want them too ahahah wink
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emotion_kirakira <a href="http://www.fodey.com/generators/animated/ninjatext.asp"><img src="http://r9.fodey.com/2192/0584cdc329784160adf5342c687dc760.0.gif" border=0 width="518" height="127" alt=""></a>
hi im thai swag 3 and i want some money and they said come to u your the best person to get it from so i came to u biggrin i hope i can get some money

that will be nice
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heart This is so awesome!!! whee
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mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen
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x-HisGeek and i love their food! heart thank you for bringing another gold givaway
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me me me!!!! i wanna win!! 3nodding
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Cool ma first contest! Gonnz lose though but at least I participate whee heart rofl
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Nice, but you never win these types of things. oh well as every one says.... I hope I win, surprised
Hey! My username is Blue_Boarder_7. My favorite part of the Kalamari website is the video games and the food, and the pics of anime charicters. Have a great day! smile
This is Counter Sue and although I've never been to Kalamari Kastle, i hear they have great food. The place and the service is quite exquisite. They have a combination of anime posters and ramen so that anyone who eats there and watches anime will think they are in their own created anime. There might not be people that don't like their food, but that is because they are not used to the Japanese traditions. This place was made for people who love anime and adore it. I really don't think just anyone would eat here. This place is just the place if you are willing to try different kinds of ramen like you see on the famous show Naruto. I may have never eaten at this place but i know one thing. I must try it. Who knows maybe I'll like it. If i don't the least I'll know is that i would enjoy going there to look at their posters and read Japanese anime.
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Rose Essence
I don't think I am allowed to enter. razz
Same here lol

A bunch of people think it's a restaurant, and one person thought it was a DS game? razz
There's a few that have made me giggle. whee
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I like the stories.. whee heart whee

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