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Hey everyone!

For a while now we've had requests to change the name of this forum from "Picture Post" to something more fitting - something that better declares what the intent of the forum is about. We'd like to hear your suggestions for a new name! For now, we're thinking of going with "Art Critiques" but if you have a better suggestion, we'd love to hear it!

In fact, in the spirit of community fun, let's make this a contest. Suggest a new name for this forum, and if your suggestion wins, you'll score a cool 100,000 gold! How does that sound?

From now until the end of Saturday, September 29, 2012, you can post your forum naming suggestions in this thread to enter the contest. In your entry, please include the following information: Your username, forum name suggestion, and reason why you think the new name would work! Here is an example of what your entry should look like:

Username: siskataya
Forum Name Suggestion: NEW FORUM TITLE HERE
Reason: This forum is for people to post their images so they can get critical feedback on their work. This name makes the forum's purpose more clear to all.

A few rules to keep in mind:

* You may enter multiple times, but each suggestion must be in its own post.

* If more than one person posts the same name, or extremely similar name, and we select that name, the person who posted the suggestion first will win the prize. Gotta get your entry in quickly!

* No spam/inappropriate entries - Clearly, we are only looking for serious suggestions, so anything spammy/completely out of line or inappropriate will be discounted and you could get warned for spamming/posting inappropriate content, so don't even go there!

* You may all have amazing ideas, but we may feel they don't quite fit the forum for one reason or another. If we decide to stick with "Art Critiques" as the name, not to worry - someone will still win the prize! We'll just randomly generate a page number and post number, and if there is a suggestion in the post, that person will win. Someone will win 100,000 gold, so you might as well enter!

Happy naming and best of luck to all entrants!
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Username: CapsicIe
Forum Name Suggestion: Photo Op
Reason: This forum is for people to post their images so they can get critical feedback on their work. This name makes the forum's purpose more clear to all.
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Username: Toxicoid
Forum Name Suggestion: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words (or) A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words
Reason: This forum is all about the art of a single picture. But the amazing thing about pictures and art is that even though it is singular, it can bring a whole world of meaning.
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Username: Hakezu
Forum Name Suggestion: Works of Art
Reason: Because all arts even 'bad' ones are still considered works of art,
and with that being said, it also fits with the "Works in Progress" sub-forum.
Consider it.

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Username: Magus
Forum Name Suggestion: The Pencil Process
Reason: The words Pencil and Process automatically imply sketching and ideation.
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Username: Rogue Moon Rose
Forum Name Suggestion: Art-chive
Reason: This forum is for people to post their images so they can get critical feedback on their work and as the name suggests it's an archive of everyone's art works.
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Username: aquis5
Forum Name Suggestion: Art Show Online (ASO)
Reason: This is a forum so that anyone can come an show their artwork online. So all can come whenever and see the piece of art, critique it, or just compare one to another.
Username: Crimson Dragyn
Forum Name Suggestion: The Creatives
Reason: The definition of being a creative is having the ability to create, characterized one who displays productive originality and expressiveness, and being imaginative.
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Username: Mileth
Forum Name Suggestion: Creative Corner or Creativity Corner
Reason: Uhm... because this is the forum for creative people who show off their art and maybe want some feedback. And I just like this title. ^_^
Reason: none
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Username: Fire of Lilies
Forum Name Suggestion: Gallery in the Works
Reason: The gallery implies artwork of all types while the "in the works" part shows that not everything is done and can still be a work in progress and I found that I get the most helpful critiques on my work when its being showcased in some way
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Username: Shiro-Jin
Forum Name Suggestion: Illustration Examination
Reason: Not only is this name catchy with its rhyming quality (thus making it memorable), but it gets straight to the point: This forum is for critiquing, or examining, artworks that are not limited to but are most commonly in the form of illustrations.
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Username: Shiro-Jin
Forum Name Suggestion: Graphics Interpretation
Reason: This forum name gets straight to the point in a somewhat broad term. A "Graphic" is defined as a visual presentation, via things such as (but not limited to) designs, drawings, illustrations, photography, filmography, or animation. "Interpretation" more or less defines itself, as an act of interpreting something that is presented.
Personally, I see critique as a form of interpretation, as no two critiques are exactly a like even if they cover the same points.
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Forum name suggestion:avitar show
Reason:show off avitars and get new ideas for your avitar

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