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1. NowhereInParticular777
2. Intertwined Fates
3. Create a world that is chained to another one. The perspective should be from the larger "main" world looking towards the smaller chained world. Upper world is very futuristic (think chrome). Lower world is apocalyptic (think borderlands). Possibly a giant battle between both, with new weapons fighting grounded tanks, large animals, etc.
1. Spire Dragon of the West
2. Internet Mems/Faces
3. just a whole bunch of internet mems and faces, dealing with your particular favoirte things and characters. For instance, do you like Bleach? Ichigo with the trollface, and so forth.
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Username: xX-FRoZeN_PRiNCeSS-Xx
Theme Idea: Magic
Brief description of your vision: Doodles of wizards and witches having a duel fight or having fun with magic. Doodles of magical things like spell books, cauldrons, brooms, wands and dragons.

something like Harry Potter
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a) KawaiiChibi o3o
b) Homeless Bullies
c) Draw a homeless person bullying Pete with a sign on him that says "Don't make me beg!" (can he have this expression on his face: emotion_donotwant ) with Pete dropping a coin in his begging cup.
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Hey everyone!

I wanted to talk to you all about this contest. We're so sorry, but we haven't been able to keep up with changing the chalkboard for the past little while. Unfortunately, we've been super busy with the events, manga, ticket resolutions and lots of people have been on holiday. D'oh! For these reasons, we've decided to close out this contest for now. Not to worry, we'll be relaunching a similar contest in the New Year with new rules and even bigger prizes. Thanks to all of you who provided such awesome suggestions, and we hope that once the revised contests starts, you'll come back and join us again!

In the meantime, since we have a few weeks of prizes to give out, we randomly selected 5 pages and posts on those pages, and these users will win the weekly prize even though no chalk art was able to be made!

Congrats to the following posters for being randomly selected to win the 100,000 gold weekly prize:

Page 189 Post 4 - Winner is HaIIows
Page 123 Post 13 - Winner is Dragonfire20
Page 143 Post 5 - Winner is Ryo Asasin
Page 62 Post 8 - Winner is Morii Jokavitch
Page 9 Post 12 - Winner is Magus

We look forward to having you all back when the contest relaunches in 2013. Take care and hope you all have a fabulous New Year biggrin

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