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a) sarkaro
b) Ice Kingdom
c) With ice crystals hanging down and huge ice pillars standing tall. With a slippery ice floor and maybe something trapped in the ice.
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Super Pumpkin

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1) shellsmachine
2) Star Trek
3) Google just made a Google Doodle honoring the 46th anniversary of Trek, so let's show those Googlefolk the awesome power of CHALK and fie on their high-tech graphic capabilities.
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Lonely Werewolf

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a) ll shroomie ll
b) Music of impact! aka Artists and bands who have impacted music
c) Examples like Metallica, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, ACDC, The White Stripes, Gorillaz, etc. smile
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minecraft ._.
anything from creepers steve ghast zombies and even endermen even the original dirt block whee
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a) Username : babykakes69
b) Theme Idea : HALLOWEEN THEME!
c) Brief description of your vision : Since Halloween is right around the corner, i figured you guys should do a haunted house with flying witchs' and cauldrons and ghouls! wink also i think this would be an awesome theme since halloween IS indeed my birthday!
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a) Candycassie27
b) We are against Bullying
c) I would like to see that even people online are against any type of bullying
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My suggestion: Presidential battle royal!

Have past and current presidents fighting each other using all manner of crazy, cartoonish weapons (anything you want, really).
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a) A Masochists Wet Dream
b) Autumn!
c) Dried leaves, breezy days, oranges and red and yellows. c: PUMPKINS.
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Tricky Nerd

1) Seulement Hibou
2) NPCs out of their comfort zone
3) Staff back to school
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Rave Rabbit
Overstated Stereotypes
Who doesn't like poking a little fun at our football-crazed, burger-nomming, soda-guzzling bretherin? wink
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Kingdom Hearts
Basically, a collaboration of the whole Kingdom Hearts Series from Birth By Sleep up to the new 3D. Imagine the popularity the series would receive due to it being chalkified!!! blaugh
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a) Dark_Splendor
b) MW3 Logo.
c) Modern Warfare 3 is the best game ever ;D
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DO A "Call me maybe/yearbook" rendition... and just sign the usernames all over 3nodding

title the work....
"message me maybe"
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Shirtless Borg

A) Celestial Envy
b) Pokemon or Monster Galaxy
c) Various members of the gaia staff as their favorite Pokemon (or Monster Galaxy Moga), or one that resembles their personality.
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Desirable Sex Symbol

im not entirely sure... perhaps a rave theme? thats what im gonna be doing at an event around here over the weekend. be great to see if you guys do it too.

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