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a) taschenpanda
b) places around the world
c) like flags and cities and people. maybe random faces and inside the face is cities and landmarks, etc.
a) Seasick Hearts
b) Self portraits of you! the gaia team.
c) Basically, I see it as such: Throw all of your coworkers names in a hat, and have people choose at random. The person you pick, you draw, the way you see them. Creativity could soar with something such as this. heart Plus, it'd be fun.
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a) minty owl
b) owls
c) owls doing human things
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a) Username: FoxDemonAreiku V2
b) Theme Idea: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
c) Brief description of your vision: Ponies...ponies everywhere.

Plus, MLP is a popular cartoon. I don't see why this can't be done.
Characters such as Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Rarity, Derpy, and many others could be drawn randomly on the chalkboard.

Or the staff can just draw themselves as a pony/animal associating with their favorite character from the show.
I'm sure many fans of the show would love to see that.
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Thieving Gekko

a. 430 Forbidden
b. Natural disasters
c. Seeing a billion objects and things flying around in various disasters.o:
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a)Rhiino beetle
b) Dinosaur reggae concert
c)Dinosaurs in beanies, dreadlocks and guitars all in psychadelic colors jamming out
Wild and Young
I love panda and everything about them is just so adorable. >_<
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a) Kenshinlove1
b) Warriors of Japan
c) lets do one thats full of ninjas, samurai, and martial arts!!! EVERYBODY WAS KUNG FU FIGHTING!!!
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Do some kind of a sunset.
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a) Username: Cesious
b) Theme Idea: Borderlands!
c) Brief description of your vision: Claptrap and all his friends, from bobblehead Marcus to flaming midgets running around. You can even include vending machines, because who doesn't like vending machines?! AND GUNS! Lots of guns! BWAHAHAHA!

All in order to celebrate the release of Borderlands 2 next week. Wee!
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a) A Masochists Wet Dream
c) Stego's, T-Rex's, Velociraptors! OH MY. ou o
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a) -sincerelyalicia
b) Disney characters
c) All of the disney characters that are popular
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A.) russiantrevor
B.) Japanese elegance
C.) I would like to see geisha, samurai, koi, sakura, etc. in a splash across the board, yet not chaotic. With an elegance, a soft yet firm and powerful presence befitting traditional Japanese style.
a) Krissim Klaw
b) BigLanky loosing his pants yet again to praying mantises (Because in Lanky's words they are poop your pants scary)
c) There should be tons of adorable praying mantises surrounding BigLanky who will have messed up another pair of pants in sheer terror. He should be cowering. You can also draw a hoard of pants the praying mantises have lifted off of him. I am pretty sure he is down to his last pair by now.
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A.) Drugstep
B.) Thanks Giving Themed
C.) Thanks giving themed because we are in the month of September<3

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