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Gaia never sends me any event stuff. I wonder why? My sister gets them all the time, but i dont get a thing! emo
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a) Shadowsbane1988
b) Dinosaur Funland!
c) No no, not Jurassic Park style; this idea is FOR the dinosaurs! It would be epic to see a funland for the awesomeness that is dinosaurs (except stegosauruses, they are always downers!) I would love to see you all create rides, snack stands, and prizes for some T-rex, velociraptors, iguanodons, kentosauruses (way more awesome than stegosauruses), etc!.

Highlights could include a tyrannosaurus on a unicorn merry-go-round, a kentosaurus on a pirate ship, and of course a downer debbie stegosaurus who thinks the rides are lame wink
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So much for a "weekly" event thing. You guys haven't picked anyone in almost two months!
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2012 in general

We are nearing the end of the year! So why not the everyone from the office, and who ever else participates, pick one to two things they liked from this past year (2012). Kinda chronological and at the end a huge explosion, if you believe the doomsday prophesy, OR The ball dropping into 2013! I figure this would be a good plan for the end of the year!!!
A) krosscck
B) fav anime/action hero character in action
C) get one person to pick a random background like a soccer field, boxing ring, carnival, etc... And draw your fav anime/action hero in the background doing a action involved in the background or just there watching
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A) Tanzanite Wolf
B) 99 Problems
C) Write/Draw 99 Problems ( Being a b***h CANNOT be one!)
A) BlackDragon1026
B) an open door
C) I think it would be cool if u drew an open door on the chalk board, the size of a real door so that it looked like the chalkboard was opening.maybe so body will try to go through it XD
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A) Wrenry
B) Snowflakes
C) The old saying is that no two snowflakes so a chalk board of different snowflakes.
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