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Username: Midnight Namine
Theme: Sun and the Moon

Details: I really want to see a representation of a beautiful ethereal woman with fire hair and porcelain skin as the sun, embraced by a man who looks like ice, with hair of a deep silver, with a glow around him like the moon, and the mixture of the two will almost be an explosion of fire and ice from within, going out towards the outskirts of the universe in a spiral. It would be set in a field at nighttime, a few trees and a landscape of the stars would be in the background. The woman would be wearing a golden dress, flowing in all directions like the rays of the sun. It's long, past her feet by a good foot, with a simple orange sash around her waist. The man would be wearing a dark silver kimono, with dark blue trim. The obi will have waves moving towards the back where they'll meet in in a fierce crash. The Kimono itself will not have any design. While embracing their eyes will be closed, and both will be smiling.
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Quotable Gekko

a) C a r a h R o s e
b) Doodle Plant
c) One time, my sister showed me this piece of paper, that had a vine going across the page, with doodles of the most randoms stuff on ends and leafs of the vine. Maybe, you can draw it coming out of one of Gaia characters heads, and at the ends of the vine and leafs, other Gaia characters? Or something like that..?


a) C a r a h R o s e
b) Meme it up.
c) Pretty self-explanatory, a bunch of memes, with big heads, small heads, weird bodies, weird poses..

There's my two for the week~. c:
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Doctor who themed!
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A) I Asche I
B) Gwees, Mwees, and Fafnirs, Oh my!
C) Basically I'd love to see you guys draw up a ton of dragons. Throw in a valiant unicorn holding them at bay or something. Go crazy :D But not too crazy...
aquarium <3
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Enduring Entrepreneur

Gangnam Style.
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Alice in wonderland 3nodding I love fantasy like that
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Old skool videogames blaugh
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Bring Me A Shrubbery

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

a). Bring Me A Shrubbery
b). Pokemon
c). Pokemon is awesome. The end C:


User ImageUser ImageUser Image

In my restless dreams I see that town…Silent Hill.
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a) Yokuutsu
b) Mario
c) Just a mural various Mario things, boos, Mario, Peach, mushrooms...maybe in the style of someone high or something XD
Draw a full jungle but have some members of the staff as animals
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Original Noob

POKEMON FTW. Who wants pokemon?
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Timid Conversationalist

a) Luna the PokeNerd
b) Robot-Pirate Island drawn with your non-dominant hand
c) It's a war between robots and pirates on an island, except if you're right-handed you draw it with your left hand and vice versa.
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Questionable Lunatic

obscure nerdy refferences

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